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11 Best Logistics Sales Email Templates

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    How can you use a logistics sales email template to close more deals? This is a question that troubles the mind of every salesperson who entered the logistics industry.

    I know your goal is to get your prospects to engage in a conversation so you can sell your product or service. So with this blog post, we'll look at the 11 logistics sales email templates that can get more engagements instead of going straight into the trash bin.

    Importance Of Sales Emails In Logistics Industry

    Logistics is a term that describes the efficient flow and storage of goods through various channels. The importance of sales emails in the logistics industry is two-fold. 

    Firstly, it helps to promote your company as an expert within the field. Secondly, it creates a long-lasting bond with prospects to help them decide whether to utilize service from you. Here are some pointers before writing the email:

    • Sometimes, customers might get confused or overwhelmed with the number of services. For example, as a logistics company, you may provide inbound logistic services that transport raw materials for resale. On the other hand, outbound logistics include transportation of finished goods to the marketplace. Explain every benefit in detail so that your prospect clearly understands the service you provide
    • Educate your clients about the importance of your services so that you can improve their company from the bottom up. Examining your prospect's current distribution system and finding areas that lack processes can help you gain a lead in the conversation.

    12 Best Subject Lines For Logistics Sales Email Templates

    • How logistics services can help you and your business
    • We'll pick up your load every day
    • Are you still looking for a logistics partner?
    • Just checking in to see if you need any logistics services
    • The right logistics solutions for you
    • Hey! Do you need help with your logistics?
    • 3 ways to make your company more efficient with logistics
    • Fueling the future with logistics
    • How to Send Cargo?
    • Do you have these 7 items in your trailer?
    • What are the transportation trends to watch for this year?
    • Logistics is the backbone of your business

    11 Best Logistics Sales Email Templates

    1) Introducing Your Services To Prospects

    This is a perfect cold sales email template to introduce who you are and what your company does briefly. Also, talk about the services you offer in detail to create a bond between you and your prospects.

    Hello John,

    I noticed you are into the manufacturing business from your LinkedIn profile and I wanted to introduce my company.

    [Your company name] works with clients in the United States and abroad to support international logistics via road, sea, air, and rail transport.

    If you are looking for a high-degree solution while remaining cost-effective, I encourage you to review our proposal.

    I thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. Kindly revert back if you have any kind of concerns regarding the services. 


    2) The Business Differentiator Email

    Sometimes sending the same email can be boring. Try this email template if your business has one key differentiator that establishes credibility. Then, see which segment of the business you are best in and amplify the differentiator by sending this follow-up email.

    Hello Jane,

    Did you know that XYZ Logistics is ranked number one in sea freight services?

    We received the award for the top freight company in North America for unwavering commitment towards customer service and safety. 

    Our operations expand to major seaports worldwide, and we only work with established sea freight transport providers. 

    Grab the early pass if you want to join the 1% community and be a part of world-class logistics needs.

    I invite you to explore the pricing and services offered from the link or reach me @______.


    3) Problem And Solution Email 

    This email focuses on addressing a problem and how your company solves them.

    Hello Dan,

    Is your project delayed due to COVID 19? 

    XYZ Logistics has you covered!

    XYZ logistics is a full-service logistics company based in Miami. We offer extensive commercial relocation and storage services. 

    The professional movers at XYZ company are highly trained to handle situations no matter what your moving needs are. 

    Let's have a quick chat this weekend over coffee about your outbound logistics needs. 

    Talk Soon,

    4) Sharing A Demo Video Of Your Customer Success

    So you have your prospect hooked on the first pitch, great! Now, you want to impress them even more with a creative sales pitch. Then this successful sales email template might work.

    Hello Dave,

    It was a delight talking to you the other day about our Freight Warehousing Services.

    I'll be honest with you; this is not another follow-up email. Instead, I have sent you a 2-minute demo video on being an ABC Cargo Solutions Company’s valued customer. [Video]

    Hope you like the video. Millions of customers like you have benefitted from our services for the past 3 years. 

    P.S. Feel free to compare us with others if you have any more doubts :)

    5) Question The Prospect’s Upcoming Product Launch

    If you have seen or heard any news about the prospects' product being launched, it is your time to dive in to see if they need help. Use this email to gauge your customer's action post product launch.

    Hi Jane,

    In the New York Times newspaper, I recently read that you're expecting to receive the FDA approval for your new drug.

    I know it will probably take a few months tops, but you need a trusted logistics partner when it happens. 

    We can help you get into the market internationally with the right services, just like we helped another [XYZ Company] 3 months ago.

    With our unique approach, we can slash delivery times from 20 days to 4 days.

    Would you be interested in having a quick chat next Thursday? Let me know if you are available.


    6) Compare And Contrast Vs. Competitors

    There are many advantages to comparing your product against the competition. First, you can educate the prospects about how you have better features, what sets you apart from them, and anything they do well but don't offer. Use these information in an email like this:

    Hey Gavin,

    I'm sure you've been on both ends of a move before.

    You know the pain points: sore backs from loading boxes, cars zig-zagging around town to pick up and drop off items.

    If this sounds familiar, I may have found your new best friend in Truckie! 

    Truckie is an app that connects people who need help moving with local movers looking for work. 

    It's like Uber meets TaskRabbit, but we're better than our competitor because we offer better service at a lower rate (and don't mind if you want to chat about football). 
    Please feel free to email me back if you want to chat more!


    7) The Cost-Effective Solution Email

    The cost effective solution email is sent when you want to distinguish between what a product costs compared to competition. Here is an example why this sales email template works:

    Hello Monica,

    Do you know that a well-designed logistics plan can help move products from one place to another cost-effectively?

    There's just one problem: most firms struggle to design a proper logistics plan.

    That's where Truckie comes in with an amazing price range by offering competitive freight charges and delivery methods. Also, you'd be surprised to know that we offer our services at $699 instead of $899 just for you!


    Because you ship medical equipment.

    I would love to chat with you. Let me know what time works for your schedule!



    8) The Lower Pricing Email

    When it comes to offering services at lower prices, you may be the best in business. Use this template to emphasize it.

    Hi Bran,

    Are you looking for a new logistics company? 

    Truckie is the fastest-growing logistics company in the industry that provides flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees. 

    As a Truckie customer, you will never have to worry about overestimating your needs or calculating rates due to volume.

    You can work on your business instead of worrying about it.

    Call me today at 1-000-123-4567 and speak with one of our sales reps to get started!


    9) Features-Advantages-Benefits

    With this simple copywriting formula, you can describe your product's two or three key features and explain why they're helpful. You'll then be better able to elaborate on how those benefits will specifically increase your email response rate.

    Hi Jane,

    Truckie offers you the best logistics services in New York, providing clients with the best transport solutions. 

    You can find the most reliable carriers to move load anywhere.

    You can also track where the load is in transit with all in one dashboard.

    This means you save time and money with complete control over the results.

    Are you free tomorrow?

    I can explain more about Truckie's Features on a call!


    10) Get The Prospect To Talk About Their Situation

    You want to get the prospects' stories so you can help them figure out what they need. Make it work with this email.

    Hi John,

    I noticed from a recent article that you're currently looking at alternatives within the domestic transportation space. 

    I'd love to hear more about what is going through your head regarding logistics solutions!

    Truckie identifies and matches freight carriers to your shipment needs in real-time with the help of our proprietary AI algorithm.

    Have you given any thought to outsourcing your supply chain logistics?

    I would love the opportunity to speak more about your logistics management system solutions.
    Please feel free to email me back if you want to chat more!


    11) The Cliffhanger Ending

    A cliffhanger ending is when a book or show leaves the reader and viewer hanging on for more. Often, it's an unfinished scene that creates suspense because they want to know what happened next. What if you could use it in your sales emails?

    Hi Ross,

    Do you have any international clients?

    If not, that's ok. We are reaching out to show you how Truckie can help your company as it has done for ONE OF OUR CLIENTS.

    Megan used Truckie to move her equipment between two continents. Within 90 hours, she set up the equipment and launched the very next day with no problem.

    If you're free tomorrow, I would love to tell you more about the benefits our company can provide for your organization.


    If you're looking for a way to increase your sales, look no further than these logistics sales email templates. It's an easy-to-use template that will help get more leads in the door and convert them into customers with ease. Spend less time designing emails by using these simple formats!

    Personalized emails have 2X higher response rates

    Quickly create & share personalized videos/images in your sales emails with Videoform.