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5 Best Outbound Sales Email Templates

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    Do you find that your outbound sales email has a high bounce rate? Are you struggling to get prospects on the phone? Do your emails go unanswered, with no response at all?

    This article will help you understand the basics and create one that is the most effective template for your business.

    How To Create An Outbound Sales Email Template?

    These email templates are a great way to save time and automate your prospecting process. But how do you know which outbound sales email template is right for you? And what should be in the template?

    Outbound sales emails are much more effective than cold calls because they come from a person (the sender) with something valuable (information) that the prospect needs. You can also use it as another channel for maintaining contact with current clients by sending them regular updates about new products or services available at your company.

    Outbound prospecting emails need to be easy, quick and clear. The more salespeople can do in a tight window of time, the better. That's why it is important to create an email template that includes all your essential information with minimal fuss.

    • The first step to creating an outbound sales email template is figuring out your message. The message is the most important part of any successful communication, and it should always be relevant to what you are trying to sell.
    • Next, come up with a list of things that your prospects would like or need from you. This will help you create a more convincing offer. Once this has been done, it's time to put together the body of the email.

    Advantages Of Using Outbound Sales Email Template

    Outbound sales email templates are a great way to save time, boost your efficiency and increase your productivity. Salespeople have long used outbound emails with success because they

    • Save time by automating the process of creating outbound emails
    • Boost their efficiency by eliminating manual errors in their prospecting campaigns 
    • Increase productivity by ensuring they send an appropriate amount of prospects each day

    Top 5 Outbound Sales Email Templates You Must Know

    1. The New Lead 

    The first step to winning a new lead is always an email. Timing is crucial in this situation, so it's important to send this email template when you identify the prospect has a clear problem.

    Hey [Prospect],

    [Product Name] has excellent reviews in the last 6 months in the town. 

    Most of the prospects are good at generating more sales by using our [Product Name].

    If you are interested to know more about the product details, click on the link below.

    [Link] or You can reach me @ [Number] for a one on one discussion.


    [Your name]

    2. Prospect Appointment Schedule Email Template

    If the prospect has clearly shown an interest in your product or service, then send this email to get a meeting or appointment scheduled.

    Dear [customer],

    Thanks for showing interest in our Product.

    I am looking forward to our appointment Scheduled on date: time: at location: [Insert maps]

    If you have any changes in the plan, you can reschedule the appointment.

    Click on the link for appointment scheduling.


    3. Promoting New product to Existing Customer 

    Do you want to promote a new line of products to your existing customers? Then use this email template!


    I'm sure you're busy, and I want to make this quick. 

    Last month, we launched a new product [product: laptop portable table] that we are selling for $49.99 on our website. 

    This product helps reduce your working spaces in the office.

    It is flexible and easy to carry in hand.

    We have a special promotional offer for renowned firms like you. Our offer price is $25 on the first 100 picks.

    We have supplied to 5 firms & it is trending in the market.

    Check out the best deals [ ]It's perfect for your business and has high-quality branding capabilities that will help increase your company's awareness in the marketplace.

    Would you be interested in learning more?

    If so, please contact me at ____________ _ or by phone at __________ .

    I am sending over some more information about it with some pictures!

    Again, thank you very much for taking the time to read this email!

    Best wishes,

    4. Point Me to The Right Person Cold Email

    When you want to promote your product to a really promising brand but don't have the contact details, use this template to break the barrier.

    Hi [Prospect name],

    I’m sending a sales video today, and I was wondering if you might be the best person to talk to about pain point, common industry problem at your company.

    Would you mind pointing me toward the right person and the best way to reach them?

    Thank you in advance for your help.    


    5. Outbound Sales Strategy Email

    Introduce your helpful resources which solves the prospects' problems through this email strategically.

    Hey NAME,

    I wanted to reach out and introduce myself.

    I saw that you recently published a blog post on {solving pain point}.

    Regardless of your role, I have some helpful resources for you! For example, we just did this webinar on how our product solves {solving pain point} specifically. 

    It was well-received, and I thought it might be useful for someone like you working with engineers all day long. 

    If anything resonated with you, please let me know - I'd love to answer any questions!

    You can reach me @
    Many Thanks,


    Personalized emails have 2X higher response rates

    Quickly create & share personalized videos/images in your sales emails with Videoform.