Prospecting Sales Email Templates

6 Best Prospecting Sales Email Templates

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    The prospecting sales email template is designed to help you create and send effective emails to initiate contact with a potential customer. Prospecting can be an extremely time-consuming process, but these sales email templates will make it easier by providing you with a framework that you just need to change a few things.

    The most important thing to remember when sending these emails is that they are not about selling or pitching your product; rather, they are meant to get someone's attention so that you have an opportunity down the line. 

    These templates are designed for the B2B salesperson who's new to prospecting.

    Let's dive in...

    How To Use Prospecting Sales Email Template?

    • Start each of your emails with an intentional opening that captures attention with a personal touch
    • The first line should include your name, company name, and how excited you are for this opportunity
    • Use action verbs in the body paragraph - anything less than three is likely not enough
    • Make sure you establish a mutual connection with what call-to-action items they will be interested in receiving
    • Comment on something about their business or service, then attach your offer
    • Finish up with a closing statement that reiterates your excitement and ask if it would be possible to connect further to discuss ideas sparked from this initial contact

    5 Best Subject Lines

    Prospecting is the key to any successful salesperson's strategy. Here are 5 best prospecting email subject lines that will help you get the attention of potential clients and customers:

    • You're already good at sales. You just need to know how to sell more things
    • Sales are down. How can you fix this?
    • It's time to invest in yourself 
    • You're not alone, trust me!

    6 Best Prospecting Sales Email Templates

    1.The Cold email

    Interacting with prospects searching for [product/ service] to improve sales and offer promotion of your service through video email.

    Hi [FIRST_NAME],

    Thanks for your time. I am a salesperson working at [company]. 

    A few weeks ago, I had a brief phone call with one of your team members [Name] about our [product/ service]. He was able to assist me further & gave me your contact details.

    In the discussion, I discovered that you need a [product/ service] to strengthen your sales team.

    I am delighted to take your interest further.  [Product/ service] has some of the best [sales] features.

    [Feature -1]
    [Feature -2]
    [Feature -3]
    [Feature -4]

    1000+ prospects are already using [product/ service] and are successful in their business for the last [5 years]. 

    I recently received feedback from one of our prospects stating that using this [software] prospect increased their sales by 30% in the last quarter.

    Look at the reviews [Video] on our [product/ service] and the remarkable achievements.

    If you are interested, please let me know. I am available on [date, time] for one-on-one discussion.

    It should take no more than 15 minutes of your time and would help me out as well!

    You can reach me @ _______


    2. Interested But a Passive Buyer 

    This email can be used as product promotion, team development consultations, & business development plans to reach out to more buyers.

    Hi [FIRST_NAME],

    Do you have any prospective customers who want to buy your product but never actually get around to it?

    I could help you with that.

    I have the perfect solution for increasing your prospects and close more deals.

    No need to spend hours researching or hiring expensive marketing professionals—[product name] got you covered!


    If you wish to know more details, I am available on [ ]


    3. Potential Prospect Business Development Proposal

    You can use this email to stay in touch with top management in the firms & introduce new strategies, services in the sales pipeline.


    I'm writing to inquire about the opportunity to discuss a new sales pipeline technique. 

    More than 100+ organizations/ firms in the USA are comfortable with [product name] & their sales increased by 5 to 10 % last year.

    Click on the link for more details.

    It's an excellent way for businesses like yours to increase revenue and reduce costs while building relationships with website visitors who have shown interest in your products/services.

    If you're interested, please give me a call at _______


    4. Set Up New Business with the Established Prospect

    This email can be a warm proposal to your known contacts who plan to expand their business & to look out for ideas and active business partners.

    Hi, [Name],

    I heard that you are planning to set up a [Micro Brewery] in [Ohio].

    I wanted to reach out to you because I think we have a lot in common. 

    My name is ____, and I am the Owner of ______ (fill in your company). 

    We are an established brewpub that has been around for nearly 20 years - with two units in [Miami, Ohio ]serving beer, wine, and live music every day of the week!

    Please have a look at some of the pictures & videos of the events at our units.

    We also set up micro-breweries to help people start brewing their beer, providing equipment, recipes, and advice on brewing craft beer themselves. 

    This service is perfect for raising capital or starting a new business venture because of its low startup cost and less overhead!

    It also helps increase social engagement while promoting local businesses and spreading culture. 

    I am sending you two tickets for [this Friday] concert by [Tiesto] at our [Ohio brewery].

    Happy to see you soon. For more details, you can reach me @______

    5. Getting in Touch With a Potential Prospect

    Hi, First Name,

    I'm David, I'm a sales representative for ___________. 

    I want to introduce a winning business plan and services to companies in the same space as yours. 

    I would love to set up a meeting to learn more about your company and how you do business.

    How does next Wednesday sound? 

    Let me know when works best for you!


    6. The "What's Happening in your Field" Email

    You can use this email to request a B2B owner to work together on a project.

    Hi, John,

    I hope you are doing well!

    I'm reaching out to see if there is anything new happening in the field of selling that we can capitalize on together?

    Asking this question has helped me find a few great opportunities for my own business and it would be amazing to work with someone who knows their way around sales like you do.

    Please let me know what's going on so that we could potentially start working together at some point down the line or even right now!

    Until then, here's wishing your company all its best success as always.



    The Bottom Line

    If you're looking for a way to get more sales, one of the best ways is by prospecting. Prospecting involves identifying potential customers and reaching out with your product or service offerings.

    One surefire way to increase prospects is through email marketing! To help you do this successfully we've put together six effective templates that will have your targeted audience responding eagerly. Best of all, these templates are free so there's no reason not to try them!

    I think they'll give you an edge in getting more qualified leads while saving time on crafting personalized messages when necessary. So scroll up now and start sending those emails - You won't regret it!

    Personalized emails have 2X higher response rates

    Quickly create & share personalized videos/images in your sales emails with Videoform.