Software Sales Email Templates

5 Sales Email Templates for Software (SaaS) Companies

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    Software Sales Email Templates

    Selling software can be tricky. Around the globe, people are rushing out to buy new software that enhances their business. As a salesperson, finding the right lead to sell your software can be challenging.

    If you want your business to be successful,  a software sales email template is a worthy investment.

    These software sales email templates can be handy.  If you want the recipients to click on your product in no time, it works. The world needs more triumph stories like yours. So get on board with these email templates and tweak your response rates.

    4 Tricks to Use in Your Emails To Pique the Prospects Interest

    Your company has developed a great app but does that increase the chance of success? No, you need more than a solution to guarantee success. Here are some tips you can use in your emails to pique the interest of your target audience.

    1) Beta Test

    To successfully sell the software through email, it is essential to get feedback. Create a simpler version of your software and send it to people for honest feedback. This will help you to improve down the road.

    2) Offer a Free Trial

    If you are a small company, it takes extra effort to convince your leads to see that what you are offering is not a scam. It is found that over 50% of SaaS sales come through taking a trial. Use it to your advantage. 

    3) Including a Video of How Your Software Works

    Explaining how your software works in a two-minute video increases your engagement rate.

    A simple software breakdown with technical folks explaining it can give a human side to it.

    4) Third-Party Reviews

    Showcasing independent third-party reviews is a great way.

    It can tell your prospects that your software is worth buying.

    This is why you need to encourage your customers to tell why they selected your product. Make sure to include the best honest third-party referral in the email.

    5 Best Software Sales Email Templates

     1) Introducing Your Software Sales Email Template

    Hi John,

    I recently checked your website, and it looks like you need to accomplish a [specific] goal. I can tell that this has been frustrating for you, as there's lots of time and money spent on work that never gets done.

    I am writing to introduce our company in the hopes to offer a better solution for your business. 

    Our team comprises top-notch developers who have designed something revolutionary.  It is an all-inclusive platform built only from the ground with small businesses in mind.

    It's easy to create templates, so no coding skills are needed!

    We would love to show you what we've created - schedule a demo today at [insert link]. 

    We'll walk you through everything about how things will run smoothly.

    <Your signature>

    2) New Product - Upsell Email Template

    Hi John,

    I saw that you visited our website last week.

    I wanted to send you a quick update about the latest product releases.

    We recently launched new products that are perfect for your business:

    - New app release (link)
    - Product launch video (watch here)

    I want to share these updates with you.

    So please let me know if it is appropriate to chat or call me 555-555-5555. 

    It would be great to hear from you soon! Thank You for reading my email, have a fantastic day!

    Company Name

    3) If a Customer Requests a Demo

    Hi John,

    I noticed you had requested a demo of the software yesterday.

    Our company specializes in working with companies like yourself to reduce abandoned carts. Also, improve sales conversion rates along the way.

    I would be delighted to schedule a demo with you whenever is best. Or I can come into your office or use online meeting software if that makes more sense for you. 

    Just let me know what works better!

    Your Name

    4) If The Customers are Still Using the Trial Version of Your Product

    Hi John,

    Your company is using our tool. I am happy to see your team is accomplishing [specific goal].

    I wanted to ask about your team's goals for the trial period. We've found that most companies adopt our product quickly and convert it into a paid version within two weeks.

    Several features can be helpful in your process if you use the paid version. Do you plan on making this purchase with us?

    If not, is there something we can do to help get you over the hump?

    Please pick a time that works best for you, and I'll gladly follow up.

    Best Regards,

    5) Customers Who Opened Your Email But Never Replied

    Hi [Prospect Name],

    I am just following on my last email as some can slip through the cracks. I want to provide you with top resources that are helpful for your industry.

    These companies have already found our software to be more effective:

    - Link
    - Case Study

    It would be helpful to schedule a 10-20 minutes call to discuss your company's strategy. Do you have time to connect?

    Your Signature


    The above five templates ensure you get 60% or higher response rates than before.

    You can edit and modify them to suit your industry niche or prospect. Happy selling!

    Personalized emails have 2X higher response rates

    Quickly create & share personalized videos/images in your sales emails with Videoform.