Warm Sales Email Templates

5 Best Warm Sales Email Templates

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    Personalized emails have 2X higher response rates

    Quickly create & share personalized videos/images in your sales emails with Videoform.


    If you’ve been in sales for any length of time, it will not surprise you that a template can be used to make your job easier. These email templates are designed with the salesperson in mind who wants to generate interest quickly and efficiently.

    How To Write A Warm Sales Email?

    There are three simple steps:

    • Talk to them about the problem they have
    • Summarize the offer.
    • Provide an easy call to action

    Simple, isn't it? And that's all I wanted to say about - How to Write a Warm Sales Email Template

    Best Subject Lines

    Some of our favorite subject lines include

    1. Unlock this ____ and enjoy a new way to buy what you want, when you want ____
    2. Wondering what it is? Just open the email and see!
    3. Join ___so ______:
    4. Join our community by clicking here_____

    These simple subject lines get straight to the point with limited information but do so in a way that's still engaging.

    Advantages Of Warm Sales Email Templates

    The advantages of a warm sales email template are myriad: 

    • It looks cleaner than drafts and typos-filled emails and helps convey your message with clarity
    • Without words, the iconography in this email helps establish an air of trustworthiness and professionalism that will compel click rates 
    • Add text over our well-written pre-formatted sketches to really sell your product

    5 Best Warm Sales Email Templates

    1. Product Introduction Email

    Product introduction email templates are a great way to introduce your product and add some essential features.


    Thanks for your time.

    Your business is well known in the industry, and I would like to introduce you to my company as a potential channel partner.

    I am head of sales department working at [CompanyName]

    I am looking for high-quality partners that have been operating in the space of ____________________ for at least 2 years and have an established customer base with a strong reputation. 

    The product is _______________ - this helps just about anyone (business owners or not) sell better online by automatically finding their best customers, reaching out to them using email/SMS/In-app messages, and getting more sales! 

    With so many channels competing these days, it's tough to get attention, but I'm confident that this solution can help you stand out from the competition.

    Have a look at some of the success [Video] stories from our Prospects. For more details, you can reach me @ Thanks,

    2. The Product Promotion Email

    If you're not sure how to write an introduction email for a product, this template may help. It contains tips on what should be in the email that is engaging enough to capture your prospect’s attention!


    I noticed your product needs some attention.

    But, unfortunately, it looks like you haven't been promoting it as much as you should, and that's why your sales have dived recently.

    I am a salesperson working at [Company] & we are a B2B SAAS working for more than 50 firms in Texas.

    I provide software tools for better sales.

    Click here to view my product range & success stories from prospects.

    Looking forward to hear from you,

    You can reach me @ 


    3. New Lead Email

    Send your new lead this email for a warm welcome.


    I hope this email finds you well.

    I’m reaching out to see if your business is open to investing in a new [product].

    We have something compelling that we think will help you increase sales. 

    Have a look at the video for more details.

    If you are interested to know more, you can reach me @ 


    4. The Cold Email

    I use these cold email template in B2B sales to keep it simple.


    I wanted to follow up on our conversation from last night.

    I hope you had a chance to review the video email and the product demo that we discussed. 

    The next step is to get together in person discuss how VideoForm can help your company with [issues discussed].

    If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please let me know what day/time works best for you, and someone will reach out to schedule a meeting.

    Otherwise, I'll check in with you again soon!

    You can reach me @ 



    5. Generating New Ideas Email

    This email is a great way to generate new ideas in B2B sales. It can be used for anything from brainstorming, request feedback on an idea such as a product or service, and a guide to make a business decision.


    It’s been a few weeks since we last spoke, and I wanted to touch base with you on your sales goals.
    I have some ideas for how you can close more deals every month by bringing in more leads. 

    Let me know if that sounds good or if there is anything else you are looking for my help with?

    Let's chat soon. 

    Take care, [Name]

    The Bottom Line

    There’s no doubt that the email marketing game has changed. The sales team who knows how to use it are those who have mastered customer engagement and conversion. One of the best ways you can do this is by using a warm sales email template, like the ones above!

    Personalized emails have 2X higher response rates

    Quickly create & share personalized videos/images in your sales emails with Videoform.