Gatekeepers are people who either block or give access to key decision-makers in a company

What's Inside

    In sales, we have many types of gates, but the most common type is a "gatekeeper."  A gatekeeper is someone who stands in the way between you and the key decision-maker.In this blog post, you will know what they do and how to handle them and how to get past them. 

    Who is a Gatekeeper?

    Gatekeepers are people who either block or give access to key decision-makers in a company. They can be in the form of an executive, a manager, or an assistant. Gatekeepers can be in any level from small to large companies.

    What do Gatekeepers Do?

    Gatekeepers are often tasked with screening calls, emails, and visitors for their bosses: they keep information away from them or give it to those who know what's best for the company. They make sure that only people who have a need go through-and this is done by establishing criteria such as whether someone knows both parties well enough (or has an appointment).

    How to prepare for Gatekeepers?

    Gatekeepers are hard to handle but here some tips to make it an easy task:

    - Do your research on the Gatekeeper.

    - Be prepared for a Gatekeeper to ask you questions, and try not to sound too eager. Calmly answer their question without sounding like it's an accusation or a plea.

    - If they are refusing you entry, don't take it personally; often Gatekeepers have strict rules because of what might happen if those rules aren't followed. It isn't personal: keep trying until someone lets you in!

    - Ask them easy questions: you can ask the gatekeeper questions which are easy to answer like how long they have been in the company or how long it takes to get the job.

    - Ask Gatekeepers their opinion on something: you can use this as a way to start up a conversation and get past them.


    4 Ways to get past Gatekeepers

    You've done the research, and you're ready to start making your sales pitch. There's just one problem standing in your way: gatekeepers! These are people who have a habit of blocking communication and won't let any messages through. But they can be taken down with some clever techniques or persuasive words that'll make anyone want what you're selling! Here are five ways to get past them.

    1. Gain the trust of the Gatekeeper

    This is the most important thing to do when you are working on getting past a gatekeeper. You can tell the Gatekeeper about your accomplishments and how it relates to their company or business, which is an excellent way of gaining trust from someone who may be hard to read.

    2. Use a Referral

    If you know an existing employee & have an established relationship use that to your advantage. If the Gatekeeper knows you from somewhere else they may let you through without much of a fuss.

    3. Connect on Social Media

    Many Gatekeepers are online and on social media. You can try to connect with them there. You can also study the gatekeeper's tastes and preferences from their social engagement to see if you have anything in common. I recommend using LinkedIn as the Gatekeeper is likely to be there and it gives a good insight into their past work history and achievements, which can help bolster your credentials when trying to get through that gate.

    4. Convey your Pitch to them:

    If you are pitching an idea, do your research to find out who the Gatekeeper is. Find something that they seem interested in and work it into your pitch. Ask how your pitch aligns with their interests and passions. You want to make sure that the Gatekeeper understands your idea, values what you're offering, and is interested in supporting it.

    This article is about getting past the gatekeepers and taking a step closer to sales success. Be firm, humble, use "please" or "thank you" and be specific with your demands when talking to them.