Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

Prospects that have expressed interest in purchasing your product or service and usually meet certain criteria set forth by the company.

What's Inside

    In the world of marketing and business in general, it is important to know what a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is. This blog post will discuss everything about this wonderful lead generation process!

    What is a Marketing Qualified Lead?

    In simplest terms, a marketing qualified lead is someone that has a high likelihood of becoming your customer.

    They have expressed interest in purchasing your product or service and usually meet certain criteria set forth by the company. They have either filled out a form on your website, downloaded materials from you, or requested more information about your company.

    If they are not yet ready to buy anything from you, they may still be considered an MQL because they have taken the initiative to learn more about what you offer and have demonstrated that there might be an opportunity for them to eventually purchase something in the future.

    How to Identify an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)?

    1. Research customer behavior

    The process for finding qualified leads is usually started by doing some research about your target market, their interests, and choices regarding the product they are interested in. Once that research has been completed, you will have a clear idea of generating qualified leads.

    2. Getting customer feedback

    • Analyzing and utilizing your website traffic volume and social media platforms will help you focus on more qualified prospects.
    • The visitors’ comments and feedback should be in consideration.

    3. Platforms that help in identifying MQL's

    A few examples would be:

    • Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising campaigns with carefully crafted messages aimed at your target audience specific needs.
    • Public events such as trade shows or exhibitions where there will be plenty of such marketers or the potential leads to interact with and get to know about the products or services offered.
    • Blogs, newsletters, and social media posts that are well thought out and target specific audiences.

    Once you have identified your leads, all that needs to be done is converting them into customers.

    Ways to convert MQL's into a Customer:

    1. The "smart content" approach 

    This includes sending relevant email messages at just the right time for each customer's needs.

    2. Use Lead Management Softwares

    You don't want to risk missing out on any potential customers because of a human error. 

    TrackerPal, Freshworks CRM and SalesRabbit are few of the top Lead Management Softwares.

    3. Campaigns

    An excellent way to convert Marketing Qualified Lead into customers.

    • Identify your different target audiences.
    • Create a list of the best MQL campaigns according to the need of your audience and implement it on your website and social media platforms.

    4. Offer Convenience

    Can be done by providing an easy and convenient process for purchasing goods as well as giving them great value in their purchase. This includes offering promotions, discounts, free shipping, etc.

    5. Sense of Urgency

    Another approach to convert an MQL into a customer is by creating a sense of urgency. This can be done by providing an expiration date for the promotion, releasing information about new products coming soon, etc.

    6. Differentiate

    This is an effective way, but also requires more time and investment on behalf of the company.

    The best way to turn marketing qualified leads into customers is by presenting them with features that are not yet available in their current provider’s products and services.

    To conclude with the MQL and its usage it is important to do thorough research on the product or service you are selling.

    This way, when marketing qualified leads to contact your company they will be able to see that their needs and requirements can be met here at this point of purchase.

    By focusing on generating qualified leads, rather than just blindly reaching out for customers, you will be able to generate revenue sooner than you planned.