Organization Structure

Organization structure is the design of an organization.

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    What is Organization Structure?

    Organization structure is the design of an organization.

    There are many types of structures that can be used, but some common ones include Functional, Divisional, and Matrix.

    Types of Org Structure

    1) Functional Structure

    This means all areas such as marketing, sales or accounting have their own management team with one person responsible for a clear area.

    This type of structure will works well if each function has its specific goals to meet which won't overlap with other functions so they don’t need to share information between them.

    This structure allows the functional teams access to more resources in order to complete their tasks efficiently.

    2) Matrix Structure

    This means some areas may have overlapping tasks that require coordination across functional boundaries.

    For example in a marketing department, there might be personnel responsible for Marketing Communications and Public Relations- these functions would often overlap with other areas like Sales or Advertising;

    This overlap makes matrix structures more difficult to implement but it also gives employees greater opportunities because they'll get exposure to different aspects of the business.