SaaS, or software as a service, is the delivery of applications over the internet.

What's Inside

    What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

    SaaS, or software as a service, is the delivery of applications over the internet.

    It allows companies to access their own data from any location where there's an internet connection.

    With SaaS, businesses can cut back on hardware and operating costs because all they need is an internet browser to do most tasks.

    All you have to worry about then is updating your app when necessary and adding new functions for users if it becomes essential in order to stay competitive with other apps that might be doing something similar.

    This way you don't have anything cluttering up your office space-all you need are computers for developing products, designing websites and more that will only be used at specific times during the day

    Benefits of SaaS

    1) SaaS is Scalable

    You can add or remove from your account as needed without worrying about the system breaking down, and you don't have to worry about whether your server has enough space for all of your data because your SaaS will handle it automatically with built in redundancy features that provide high availability.

    2) Monthly Fees

    SAAS software provided by companies charge a monthly fee based on how much storage capacity you need at any given time. This feature allows businesses to grow gradually over time rather than taking big risks upfront (i.e., paying $100K up front for an entire year's worth of service before even hoping they will get their money back).

    3) Enables Remote Work

    SAAS offers teams the ability to work remotely. Allowing employees to work from home, or even on vacation opens up more opportunities and lessens your company's carbon footprint.

    4) Removes Hardware Limitations

    SAAS removes hardware limitations with virtualization (i.e., one server can host 100 different operating systems). Rather than having a single device doing all of the heavy lifting, SAAS has multiple nodes working together for increased performance and reliability.

    5) Self Serve

    The best part about SaaS is that you only have one thing to worry about--the software! You don't need any additional IT support because it comes built in with help desk features that are available 24/hours a day via phone, email, chat or live webinar session.