Sales Kickoff

Sales kick off is a meeting designed to help initiate or get a new project started.

What's Inside

    What is Sales Kickoff?

    Sales kick off is a meeting designed to help initiate or get a new project started.

    Goals of a Sales Kickoff Meeting

    The goal of the kickoff meeting is to gather as much information about the proposed product, service and company so that all participants are on the same page before they start working.

    The first event in any sales process is the Sales Kick-off Meeting where everyone involved with this initiative comes together for an initial discussion about what needs to happen next.

    This might include identifying key players who will work on this project – like account managers, marketing specialists, engineers etc.,

    Identifying customer profiles or personas if you don't know them well; researching common objections customers may have for your product/service; considering pricing models and strategies; creating timelines for executing your sales plan are part of the kick off process

    Activities you can Conduct in a sales kickoff Event

    • Acknowledging past sales success and achieved targets.
    • Reviewing the company's sales objectives and goals for the year
    • Discussing customer prospections that are most likely to generate leads, measure conversion rates of each lead type (including: email, social media, direct mail), develop a strategy to prioritize them in terms of which one is more effective.
    • Sales training, to arm your sales reps with the latest information on products or services and their accompanying benefits
    • Informational presentations about new features of existing offerings that can help move more product—especially if it’s a related field like software updates for computers and servers;
    • Product demonstrations of what you do best. This could be via live demo or through video clips, which is great because there usually isn't enough time in an event to have all customers experience every one of your offerings firsthand at the booth. Having this availability online will mean they can stop by later after seeing something interesting! You might also want to mention how much easier demos are now than before thanks to advances in technology so prospects.
    • Revealing obstacles like potential pricing or supply limitations that may be a problem for the customer.