Warm Email

Warm Email is an email sent to someone who has previously engaged with your company

What's Inside

    Warm-up, everyone! No, I’m not talking about physical activity. Warm email is a term that has been used in the marketing world for quite some time now to describe an email that you send out to someone who has previously engaged with your business.

    The idea behind this strategy is that the recipient of the warm email will be more receptive.

    What is Warm Email?

    A Warm Email can is defined as an email that is sent to someone who has previously engaged with your company. The aim of this strategy is for the customer to be more receptive. A warm email draws the customer's attention to a product or service that he already knows about.

    Here is an Example:

    Hello Samuel,

    I liked our discussion about Customer Relationship Management Systems and admire your constructive approach to ConsumerKing Advisory and Consultancy Services’ success.

    Since I know how important your time is, our new Customer Contact Accessibility Software will assist you.

    Customer Contact Accessibility Software is tailored to fit seamlessly into your company, and an onboarding specialist is assigned to help you get up and running quickly.

    Can we schedule a time for me to show you how Customer Contact Accessibility Software can help you improve sales?

    A link to my personal calendar is here [Link]. Your name and email address are automatically filled in when you choose, so all you have to do now is choose a date and click "Schedule."

    I look forward to hearing from you


    Steps to Write a Warm Email

    • Warm-up your recipient with a small pleasantry
    • Provide information about the topic they signed up for or interacted with before. You can even include links to previous content from their interest category to gauge interest.
    • Acknowledge any updates on the subject and if there is anything new that might need attention like broken links or incorrect grammar.
    • Offer something of value such as an exclusive offer, discount code, or free trial period at the end of your email as well.

    This way they know why you are reaching out to them in particular and it gives them the incentive to reply. This is also a great way to personalize your email by making them feel as though they are being acknowledged and cared about, which will increase the chances of a response.

    Why do you Need Warm Emails?

    Without a Warm email, you are just sending out cold emails to people which does not usually yield the best results.

    1) A Warm email can help establish credibility, trust and authority with your recipient by showing that you have researched them in advance of reaching out. This will increase the likelihood that they reply to your email instead of marking it as spam.

    2) Warm Emails also show generosity on behalf of the sender which increases their likeability factor even more so than if there was no such gesture beforehand.

    Difference between a Warm & Cold Email

    • A cold email is just like sending a regular email to someone you don't know and the recipient doesn't feel obligated in any way.
    • Warm emails are more personal, it's if there was some connection already between sender and receiver before that email even came into existence.
    • Warm-up messages establish familiarity with your recipient which will encourage them to reply rather than ignoring or deleting an unimportant message from people they do not know personally

    After reading this blog, you should be able to understand the importance of a warm email.

    A well-written, personalized, and friendly message can go a long way in keeping your customers!