Send personalized videos to each user with their info

Personalize videos instantly with individual viewer data, like their name or company

1000's of teams are using Videoform to get more conversions

Parker Casio

Sales, DrBrand Agency

“I have been able to schedule so many more calls than ever before - with personal videos in emails”

Ryan O Neill

CEO, Legitfit

“Videoform pays for itself. It's super simple to use & integrates with Hubspot CRM”

Stephen Roe

Founder, GrowAtom

“I send videos to prospects & show who I'm. That is a powerful first impression?”

We will create personalized videos for you in 3 simple steps

Send a personalized video to each customer using their attributes


Your Base Video

Submit your video that is already created or work with us to create a video with elements that can be added in post production.


Add User Data

Decide on personalization elements like name, logo, any other user attributes to be added to video


Generate Personalized Videos

We will generate personalized video file for each user. We will host & play videos

Examples of personalized videos

Example # 1 - Personalized video for Ganesh with company's logo

Example # 2- Personalized video for Alex with company's logo

Video Personalization

What's included? We will work with you create your brand story that can be personalized to every individual

Craft your Video Story & create a base video

Adding Dynamic Data from CSV or your API

Create, Host & Deliver Videos

Talk to us

Personalized videos for marketing & sales

Personalize, grab attention, and stand out from the crowd with Personalized Videos in all of your customer communication channels. Here are some examples

Engage users personally

Send videos with customer data (name, usage etc) to make your message personal

User Onboarding

Onboard customers, employees by adding a personal touch with a video just for them

Celebrate customer wins

Pull user data from your CRM & celebrate customer wins with a video for them

Full Video Personalization Suite

Videoform offers a full suite of video solutions for sales & marketing teams to drive revenue

30+ Integrations

Send personalized video emails from your inside tools to prospects

Video Analytics

Open & video watch analytics to track performance

Videos with CTA's

Powerful video creation & design tools to create interactive videos in minutes

Video Marketing Automation

Build video funnels with more than 2000+ apps

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