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Videoform gives you the power to create personalized videos to boost your sales prospecting & outreach strategy. Try Video Prospecting with Videoform

Record & send videos from inside the apps you already use

Create personal connections, build trust and sell - face to face

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Build trust & create real relationships with an in-person sales rep approach

Personalize your video message to prospects with merge tags

Create custom sales pages with videos to engage prospects

Track interactions & better understand which prospects are likely to convert

Your personality can be the difference between whether a prospect buys from you or from your competitor

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VideoForm Sales Features

Send 1-1 Video Emails
Video Emails from Gmail
Hubspot Video Emails
Add Videos with Calendar
Shared Folders for Teams
Add your Branding

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate Videoform with my CRM and other sales tools?
Yes, you can push information you receive on your Videoforms to your CRM using Webhooks or Zapier (coming soon)
I understand I can get users to send Videos. Can I respond to them with video?
When you send out this Videoform, your customers can click on the video reply button & send you a video message.

You can reply to this video with your own video & keep the video chat going. You will need to connect your Gsuite account to send responses via your email
How do I create interactive video content on Videoform?
All you need to do is smile & speak on your camera. Making the video interactive is a couple of clicks with Videoform
How to measure impact of Videoform for my sales team
With shared folders & deep dive analytics, you can view how your team is performing & also predict (based on engagement) which prospect is more likely to convert
How many minutes do I get on the Team plan?
Team plan gets you 300 minutes every month. These minutes can be video content created by you or video/audio replies from your customers. The remaining minutes of every month do not roll over & the limit (300 minutes) refreshes every month.

For every extra team member you add, you get additional 100 minutes/month
What if i need more minutes?
Extra minutes are available at $10 per 50 minutes or $90 for 500 minutes. You can purchase more minutes as & when you need
What if i need to add more team members later?
You can add new team members later (whenever you decide to). Simply get in touch with us
What platforms does Videoform work inside?
You can send emails directly from inside Gmail & Hubspot. Sending video emails from Salesforce & Freshworks CRM will be available soon
How many team members can I add?
You can add up to 10 team members. If you need to add more team members, get in touch
I need to speak with someone before making a purchase. How do I get in touch?
Please feel free to book a time here
Can I try before I buy?
Sure, please signup for a Free plan & try it out. You can choose to upgrade when you need more customized control

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7 Day Free Trial; No Credit Card Required