Embeddable video & screen recording API

We'll take care of video recording, screen recording, video processing, hosting and playback for asynchronous video. Add just a few lines of code to add video recording to your application

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Add video recording in your product in just 3 simple steps

1. Copy embed code

Get your API key & copy a few lines of code to add to your application

2. Add to your app

Paste code to add video recording button inside your application

3. Start recording

That's it. You are ready to offer video recording to your users right away

End to end embeddable video solution
for your application


Your users can record from desktop & mobile browsers inside your app


We'll process and transcode videos for faster playback on all devices


We store & host videos but you can also push to your storage.


Customize player to add your brand colors, logo & controls


Track video views, watch %, geo, device etc


Add CTA's on videos & add a layer of interactions on your videos

Record or upload videos

Hassle free video or screen recording for your app

Record video from any device

Record video or screen

View videos with metadata

Encode, host & play

For a great experience on any device

Fast video encoding

We'll host as many videos as you've got

Player that reflects your brand

Embed record button

Easily add video recording in your app

Simple javascript embed code

Track API callbacks & event data

Works with any codebase

Let us help you build your video app

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