Video Recruitment Software
to Pre-Screen Candidates

Let candidates answer questions with video. Know your candidates before you get on a call

Record & send videos from inside the apps you already use

Know Your Candidates Before Speaking to Them

Give your candidates a 5 minute video questionnaire.

You will be able to see their personality in action & no surprises when they get hired!

Make your videos personal & enhance your candidate's interview experience.

Reduce Irrelevant Profiles & Screen Faster (Video CV's)

Quickly assess if a candidate is a good fit for your job opening

A video pitch from candidates will help you evaluate their skills & personality before actually meeting them in person.

You can make faster hiring decisions.

Save Hours Every Week on Filtering Right Candidates

With more and more people applying for jobs, hiring is getting harder everyday.

But there's one way you can reduce the number of applicants in your pipeline without compromising on quality.

Ask for a video pitch ! 

Embed Videoform on Your Existing Careers Page

Videoform works well with your hiring stack.

Embed Videoforms in your career page & see data flow into the apps you use

Need Videos Integrated into your ATS?

Send us your ATS & we will build the integration for you. You can get videos inside your ATS along with candidate information & continue to use your workflow

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For Hiring Teams

Video For Recruiters in Action

Video is the Future of Recruiting
  • Video responses - High reward strategy for recruiters to integrate into your stack 
  • Asynchronous video to your future employees well
Reduce Interviews & Difficult Phone Calls 
  • Less interview schedules & hello to faster hiring
  • Find candidates with right skills, personality & culture fit
Screen Candidates Faster
  • Speed up your hiring cycle with a video questionnaire first!
  • Run your interview-based on the candidate's video answers

Know Your Candidates Personally & Hire Faster

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