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Platform For Founders

Videos are the best way to build connections with your buyers. Start creating real videos that resonate with your customers.

Record & send videos from inside the apps you already use

Why Use Videos as Founders?

Rising above the noise in a crowded market of products & service is key to differentiate.

With Videoform, stand out in the crowd with effective video tools for marketing & sales. Build a repertoire with existing customers and new prospects.

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Create a Person to Person Connection

Personalize your customer engagement with something truly personal.

Record custom videos for each customer or record one and personalize with merge tags on your videos.

Grow Your Revenue With Videos in Sales Funnel

Videoform works with customer success tools you already use.

Hit record & send personalized videos by connecting your existing  tools when it matters the most.

Get Better Open Rates & Real Engagement

Add a personalized, informative introduction to an otherwise boring message.

Get your customer's attention by telling stories & improve customer engagement. 

Reactivate Disengaged Customers

Be you & record a video to tell your customer that you'd love to have them back.

Send personalized videos at the exact moment your metrics show customer may be at a risk of churning.

For Founders

Videos For Founders in Action

Build Real Connection with Your Customers
  • Build trust with videos that resonate with your customers  
  • Send personalized & custom messages at the right time (signup, upgrade etc)
Video Pitches to Get  Investor Attention
  • Send a video message instead of a cold email to draw attention
  • Short videos personalized for each investor
Record Videos Inside Tools you Already Use
  • Works inside email marketing tools, CRM's & LinkedIn
  • Start creating videos that impress your customers

Start Building a Real Connection With Your Customers

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