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Video Solutions for
Customer Success Teams

Send personal videos at important points of your customer's journey & activate users

Record & send videos from inside the apps you already use

Add Your Personality to Customer Engagement

Personalize your customer engagement with something truly personal.

Record custom videos for each customer or record one and personalize with merge tags on your videos.

Send Videos From Inside Your Existing Success Tools 

Videoform works with customer success tools you already use.

Hit record & send personalized videos by connecting your existing  tools when it matters the most.

Get Better Open Rates & Real Engagement

Add a personalized, informative introduction to an otherwise boring message.

Get your customer's attention by telling stories & improve customer satisfaction. 

Reactivate Churned Customers

Be you & record a video to tell your customer that you'd love to have them back.

Send personalized videos at the exact moment your metrics show customer may be at a risk of churning.

For Customer Success Teams

Videoform for Customer Success

Real Connection with Customers
  • Build trust with videos that resonate with your customers  
  • Send personalized & custom messages at the right juncture
Add Custom CTA's on Your Videos
  • Give users an opportunity to click and take action
  • Engage your customers with CTA's inside video pages
Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • Record & share videos in minutes with easy to use tools
  • Start creating videos that impress your customers

Add a Human Touch to Customer Success With Personal Videos

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