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Videos for sales - Virtual selling tool

The future of sales is here. Now, you can record and send videos that will connect with your prospects while being remote!

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Record videos from any screen

Designed for 

Sales Teams

Record sales videos from any screen on chrome & mobile (soon)

Record webcam
Record screen + camera
Record screen
Record videos on mobile

Send a video email right from inside Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Hubspot & 20+ tools

Record videos in Gmail
Record videos in Outlook
Record videos from inside your CRM

Drive action with call to actions & meeting links on videos on your videos

Add meeting links on videos
Add external links on videos
Create if then video stories

Create custom video share pages that are on brand

Choose video page themes
Customize video player colors
Add brand logo on video player
Customize URL to your brand

Know who is interacting with your videos & prioritize highly engaged users

Track prospect engagement
Track opens & clicks
View watch percentage

Integrates with

Tools to Ace Virtual Selling

For SDR's & BDR's

Record & send video prospecting pitches in emails & Linkedin that help you stand out. Get higher response rates & meetings
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For Account Executives

Walk through your proposals,  guide your customer with success stories of companies like them & close deals
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For Sales Managers

Coach your sales reps by watching & benchmarking. Refine their video pitches & boost your team's performance
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Record videos fast for virtual selling

Hasslefree video recording from any screen to drive your virtual selling engine

Put a face to your name with video

Record webcam, screen or both

Add videos in prospecting & follow ups

Share sales videos on email, Linkedin & more

Record & send videos without leaving your own sales outreach tools

Record & send sales videos in outreach emails

Send videos on Linkedin messages & sales navigator

Copy video link to share anywhere with your prospects

See engaged users with analytics

Understand who's watching your videos & prioritize your prospects

Track email opens & see who opened

See video watch percentage

Analyze your video campaign


"We use Videoform for outreach, welcoming signups onboard & pretty much wherever we want to stand out"

Ryan O Neill
CEO, Legitfit

Record videos & power up your virtual selling

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Record videos from any screen

1-1 Video Messages

Create a warm connection & build trust

Screen + Cam Record

Walk your prospects through every important detail

Apps & Integrations

Record videos without leaving the tools you already use

Remote Sales Teams are More Effective with Videoform

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