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Common Webcam Issues & Fixes

1) Improper Camera Settings

Whether you are using Mac or Windows, improper camera settings can ruin your video meeting.

How to Fix: Check whether the app you are using has its camera-enabled. If not, click allow access to the camera on the device option. 

Fix for Mac Devices

Fix for Windows Computers

2) Outdated Webcam Drivers

Sometimes the webcam on your computer might be blurry.

It is because of the outdated drivers. It can cause problems like crashes & sometimes even data loss.

How to Fix:  Make sure to update drivers when available because waiting can cause issues to the camera in terms of functionality.

Windows Device Manager

3) Faulty Connection

Webcam problems arise due to faulty connections too. Instead of looking only for software issues, also look for the physical issues of faulty connection.

How to Fix: Unplug your camera & plug it again (Cliche - We know but it works) If you have a webcam with a USB port, check if the cable is connected properly

Scroll below for Windows & Mac Specific Fixes👇

Personalized emails have 2X higher response rates

Quickly create & share personalized videos/images in your sales emails with Videoform.


Troubleshoot Webcam Issues on Mac

1) Check Apps Permissions

If your webcam is not working, check if you have given the specific app permission or not:

  • Go to Menu→ System Preferences→ Security & Privacy
  • In the privacy tab, click on the Camera 
  • Select all the checkbox next to the app you want to use your webcam

2) Restart Your Mac

Sometimes, your webcam problems are because of the programs in the background. However, if you simply restart the camera once again, it might resolve the issue.

  • Go to the menu bar
  • Click restart

3) Check Screen Time settings

If you are using Screen Time, ensure your camera is turned on. 

  • Go to System Preferences and click on Screen Time
  • Go to Content & Privacy and then click on Apps
  • See if the checkbox on the camera is selected
  • Click on “App Limits” in the sidebar.
  • If you want to use your webcam with an app in the list, make sure to set the right time limit

Troubleshoot Webcam Issues on Windows

1) Fix Camera Detection

  • Start→ Device Manager and click open the app.
  • Makes sure to expand the cameras, imaging devices, sound, and video branch
  • Click on the camera that appears on the list
  • Click scan for hardware changes option


2) Give your apps permissions

If you have updated your device recently, then you need to give apps permission for the camera to work properly.

  • Setting→ Privacy→ Camera
  • In the camera, click on “Allow access to the camera on this device.”
  • If it is turned off, change and turn it on



3) Check for incompatible camera drivers

Sometimes, older cameras designed for old devices are not compatible with Windows 10.

  • Device Manager→ Cameras → Right-click and select properties
  • Click on the Driver tab and go to the driver details option.
  • Select a name that has stream.sys. If the option exists, your camera is designed for systems before Windows 7. So you have to replace it with a newer camera
  • If you don’t find that option (stream.sys), update the camera
  • Or remove and add the camera again

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