Conversational Marketing is one of the best ways to move your prospects down the marketing funnel and convert them into customers - fast.

Through tools like targeted marketing, live chat, AI, and chatbots, conversational marketing talks to the customer in real-time, ensuring that customers don’t have to wait around for a response after they’ve filled out a contact form. This form of marketing is quick, direct, one-to-one, and highly effective.

82% of consumers see getting an immediate response as very important when they have a question.

That’s exactly what conversational marketing can do for you.

Conversational marketing is versatile and can be implemented at various stages of your marketing funnel.

But even with all this flexibility, getting the formula right is a little tricky.

If you don’t know what sort of experience to aim for, you could end up with frustrated customers.

In this article, we show you 10 brands that got the best out of conversational marketing and explain just what they did so well.

By the end of this article, you’ll know just what to look out for when planning your conversational marketing strategy.

Let’s jump right in.

10 Brilliant Examples Of Conversational Marketing

We’ve scoured the internet for the best conversational marketing examples and ended up with 10 brands. These companies have effectively implemented conversational marketing at various stages of their marketing funnel and created a customer experience that matches their brand’s message.

Let’s get started:

1. Sephora and the Virtual Artist

This French multinational chain of cosmetics and beauty care products is every makeup enthusiast’s favorite.

A huge chunk of its credits goes to the exceptional marketing campaigns by its team. Sephora recently leveled up its marketing game with its Virtual Artist.

This AI-powered Facebook Bot lets the prospects try on the makeup. The user just has to upload her selfie and apply different products to the picture. The bot then streamlines the thread so that the prospect can directly buy the products.

Key Takeaway

The campaign is not just fun and sleek but also extremely compelling. Once the prospect witnesses the beauty of the products, he/she will be easily tempted into hitting the buy button.

2. Lyft and the Lingering Chatbots

Lyft is an American company that offers Vehicles for hire,  commute, and food delivery. The company stands for some incredible causes like carbon emission reduction, etc. The brand is appreciated by everyone in the US. All thanks to their incredible customer service.

Lyft took this very quality of theirs to another level with their customer service chatbots posted on various channels including Facebook messenger Slack Amazon echo X etc.

So in case you are currently using your phone, you can just type Lyft in a chat channel and you will be able to avail the ETA, vehicles, and fares.

This is an attempt by the company to make a booking super duper easy for everyone. After you request a ride the chatbot will also notify you about the status of your ride and the details of the driver on whichever app you are on.

Key Takeaway

Lyft has made requesting a ride something more than just availing a service. With conversational marketing, Lyft has made all its services a part of the consumers’ lifestyle.

3. National Geographic and Albert Einstein?

National Geographic is a holy space for anyone passionate about science, exploration, and adventure. Their sheer passion for the planet is expressed through each of their shows.

In 2017 the channel launched a new show ‘Genius’, an anthology about Albert Einstein.

For promoting the show and creating awareness among the audience, the channel opted for some fun conversational marketing through Facebook messenger. Any user Who texted the channel on Messenger received witty answers in the voice of Albert Einstein.

The campaign was one-of-its-kind and gained crazy attention with 50% of users re-engagement.

Key takeaway

What worked here was the element of fun and wit.

4. London & Company Qualifies Leads

Lead Qualification is one of the biggest challenges for any company. It is also one defining factor that decides the fate of the company's sales efforts. London & Company confronts this challenge head-on with its brilliant strategy of conversational marketing. London and Country is a UK-based company that helps consumers in finding a mortgage.

The company uses a Chatbot to qualify the Leads. The well-designed and visually pleasing bot asks certain questions to the leads and qualifies them for their buyer's journey.

Not just that the chatbot goes ahead and acquires new prospects from customers.

Key Takeaway

The compelling replies from the chatbot in the easy answering options make it extremely seamless for any lead to engage in a conversation and give out information.

5. eBay and “Okay Google....”

eBay, the e-commerce biggie uses conversational marketing to enhance the shopping experience of the user by deeply understanding the requirements.

Anyone can shop from the large inventory of products on eBay through voice assistants. All you have to say is “Okay Google, ask eBay to find me…”

The virtual assistant then goes about and looks for the most relevant results for your search terms. It then gives you the choice to import these options into your smartphone so that you can go ahead and make the purchase.

Key Takeaway

eBay implemented this tactic when voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Amazon Echo echo were becoming extremely popular. Providing such a seamless user experience for the customers helped eBay win the brownie points.

6. Domino’s - Order from AnyWare

Pizza lovers or not, Domino’s is one food chain that is close to everyone’s hearts.

But these super delicious pizzas are not the only reason for their incredible success?

Domino’s marketing strategies are hands down, one of the finest. One such amazing conversational marketing tactic was Domino’s AnyWare.

It all started with the consumers tweeting an emoji and receiving a Domino’s pizza delivery. It then transformed into something bigger. The food chain now lets you order pizza from literally any app that you’re using. Be it slack, Alexa, Facebook messenger, or Twitter, you ask for a pizza and Dominos delivers it.

Key Takeaway

Dominos won all the hearts because of the level of personalization.

7. 1–800 – flowers and their Simplicity

1–800 – Flowers is a flower retailer based in New York City. The company incorporates effective customer service in all of its operations.

This nationwide flower retailer continues to provide excellent customer services through its conversational commerce as well.

They use Chatbots on Facebook Messenger to chat with the customers. All one has to do is initiate a chat with the chatbot, choose their preferences and with literally one click are directed to the payment page.

1–800 – Flowers do not include even a single extra step in this whole process. The company stated that 70% of its orders come from the Facebook messenger chatbot.

Key Takeaway

Here simplicity is the key. 1–8 00 – Flowers simplifies the whole process of placing an order tenfold.

8. HealthTap & its First-Aid

HealthTap is a new-gen app that provides virtual healthcare to users from across the world. One can visually visit doctors through HealthTap.

This 24×7 telemedicine app has indeed helped people across the world. They make these virtual visits even more convenient through their Chatbots and Facebook messenger.

Before the user opts for the premium health consulting service, he can ask health-related questions to the bot and get decent answers as a response.

These answers act like first-aid for the user. In case the user wants more, the bot then forwards the question to real healthcare professionals.

Key Takeaway

Health itself is a great service for anyone who needs healthcare. With the conversational marketing tactic, HealthTap leaves no stone unturned in helping the users.

9. Marvel and Automated Ticket Booking

Marvel certainly has a few of the highest-selling movies in the history of Hollywood. Marvel’s fans and merchandise are everywhere.

Yet this media franchise biggie used conversational marketing for selling tickets for the movies Avengers: Infinity War and Antman and the West.

The promotions continued to go on on social media but with the element of automatic checkouts.

Every time a person commented on the promotional post, she would trigger a Chatbot that would direct them to the customer details and payment page.

This method is by far one of the most non-conventional methods used by any company ever. The fruition of these efforts are the increased conversion rate of 68%.

Key Takeaway

The problem purchase process is so seamless that one can’t stop themselves from booking the tickets.

10. VideoForm

VideoForm is the future of video marketing. It allows you to send personalized videos to each user with their info, so you can connect with them on a more personal level.

Video personalization is the key to your marketing success. It allows you to connect with your audience in a way that is more intimate and effective than any other form of marketing.

It's the perfect tool for any business that wants to take its marketing to the next level.

Video Personalization

Check it out for yourself today! It's free and only takes a couple of minutes.

Key Takeaway

The software leverages the features of video personalization and image personalization to interact with visitors.

Now that you know the big guys have done it and nailed it, go ahead and implement these conversational marketing tactics into your campaigns.

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