So, you’ve grabbed the attention of your target audience, got them curious enough to crawl through your website and find out more about your company, products and services, you’ve also managed to get their contact information to keep tabs on them and help them convert to your customers. Now they’re thinking about making the final decision to commit to your brand and buy your product. But they’re not going to do that alone - you need to give them a gentle push in the right direction and convince them that you are the right choice for them. This is where video testimonials come into place - to convince your prospects to turn into customers with actual, credible use cases and case studies.

The main reason customer testimonials are required is the very fact that your customers want to know just how effective your product is, and whether it’ll really solve their problems. Even more importantly, they want to hear about it from someone who has actually bought the product and used it, somebody they can relate to, rather than hearing it from the creators of the product (who no doubt, will have only good things to say about it). They want honesty and authenticity.

Customer Testimonial Videos That You Can Learn From

Through customer testimonials, you as a brand can successfully show the experiences of your past customers to encourage your leads to buy your products.

Listed below are 10 different video testimonials that tick the right boxes in terms of engagement, retention and effectiveness. We're sure you'll learn a thing or two from these video examples.

Let's get started with our list:

1) Amazon

In this testimonial produced by Amazon, the e-commerce giant targets online sellers and demonstrates just what they can achieve by using the platform to reach more consumers. By stitching together multiple client testimonials, Amazon creates a video that is sure to attract more sellers to their platform. Every client in the video tells a story that is sure to hit the target audience in the pain points - expanding reach to billions of customers worldwide, growing the business and making their name a trustworthy brand through Amazon. With a consistent professional tone, his testimonial video is the perfect example of content that is designed to convince prospects in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey.

2) American Express

American Express is one of the biggest credit cards providing companies in the United States. In this brilliant testimonial video for their services, they demonstrate how their technology has helped brands create an easier checkout experience for their customers. Showcasing 5 different businesses, this testimonial shows the diversity of benefits that American Express as a brand has to offer. With a fun, light hearted tone, the video features real people who really sound genuine and talk about how American Express has helped them boost their business and make it more customer-friendly. All marks of a great video testimonial.

3) Slack

Slack is pretty well known for their brilliant video marketing content. This time, the workspace communication platform teamed up with the legendary Sandwich Video to create a genius customer testimonial for their marketing strategy. With classic Sandwich Video humour, the video demonstrates Slack’s numerous features and capabilities and convinces the target audience of the platform’s usefulness. They go into the details of the platform, explaining the various communication channels and integrations that’ll help teams work together more efficiently. In a way, it’s a mix between a product demo, and a customer testimonial. This video is a masterclass in customer testimonials, and one that is a must watch for any brand looking to create a testimonial video, with a funny side to it. Sure, it’s scripted - but in this case, the script works!

4) Hennessey Performance

Hennessey Performance’s video testimonial is a pretty good example to check out if you’re looking to create something simple. With just a single alumni of the school explaining his experiences and talking about the benefits he has achieved, the testimonial is all the school needs to convince future students to enroll. Note that the video constantly switches between camera angles to change things up slightly and remove any stagnation in the shot. The simple background music is subtle enough and doesn’t distract viewers from hearing what Jamason has to say. It’s a brilliant example of the video testimonial basics that’ll get you good engagement rates - and that’s why Hennessey Performance’s video makes it onto our list.

5) HP

HP’s customer testimonial video is brilliant because it helps customers relate to the client in featured the video. The testimonial isn’t about the features of the product, or how brilliant the services of the IT giant are. Instead, it focuses on the reviewer - the client tells us about himself, not just about his professional work life, but also talking about his interests. It really fleshes out the client, helping us understand him and like him better and goes a long way in building trust in what he has to say. And when he starts talking good things about the company and its products, you’re bound to take his word seriously. Bottom line - Whether or not you remember this video for talking about HP’s toner products, you’ll definitely remember it for the likeable video game collector it features - and that’s plenty of retention to help your marketing strategy!

6) Dropbox

Just like Amazon did, Dropbox also leveraged the “don't limit yourself to a single testimonial per video” and that actually turned out well for them as well.  Doing this, as a business you tend to cover most of the basis that can get the trust factor in place for your audience by showing that the product has changed a number of lives for the better and maybe it could do for you as well.

7) CodeCademy

CodeCademy comes in with a specialised coding lessons for enthusiastic and self-taught professionals.  In the testimonials created by them,  rather than giving out the offerings of the brand, they have made the students talk about how the lessons from CodeCademy changed his or her life because at the end testimonials need to talk about the results rather than the construct of it. The same psychology is expected from the audience on how they will go about perceiving the offerings.

8) Google AdWords

While creating an effective testimonial, the person who is narrating or conversing to give out the testimony matters a lot. Google AdWords has used a story of a dog day care, which is undoubtedly an unobjectionable business to show how effective the advertising platform is. They’ve emphasized on the importance of using the right keywords to market the business well.

9) Roku TV

Roku TV testimonial video is again a combination of a number of customers together rather than just focusing on one single testimonial.  Along with that, they have used a combination of text and video together in an extremely engaging manner which tends to highlight the things the company wants to highlight in the customers testimonials.  The combination of these two elements turns out to be an effective one as in terms of the takeaways, it's not just the faces or the things that are said about but the text that is written along  would be something that the audience would go away with.

10) PayPal

The video testimonial that is created by people is a very short video with good short and punchy lines. The description given is very simple and understandable in terms of the words that are used rather than using jargons.  Such testimonials which have short punchy and to the point elements tend to create a long-lasting impression on the audience.

Get Customers To Send In Their Testimonials With VideoForm

To create all these video testimonials with a complete sass, what you require is a software or a platform that can genuinely help you stand out from your competitors. A platform that encourages your product users to offer up their testimonials and reviews on your product. That’s where VideoForm can help.

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You're All Set

Video testimonials go a long way in improving the perception and authority of business and the companies are able to reach their prospective clients   easily and are able to show them what they can expect from the company.  So now that you’ve got a fine set of examples to look up to while creating the video testimonials, what are you even waiting for!?  Just get started.