Videos have been ruling the internet since time immemorial. But today, interactive marketing has become the hot favourite of consumers. Statistics say that the click-through rate is 10x higher than a passive video.

Videos with interactive elements like 360-degree view, quizzes, hotspot links, data input, and others are starting to scale more, encouraging a lot of brands to try their hand at it. Fortunately, most brands have tasted success with the strategy. If this has got you thinking that interactive video strategy is for the big names in the business world, then let me correct you. Thanks to technology, making interactive videos has never been so easy. There are so many tools out there in the market that have excellent functionality.

Creating an interactive video has become a lot easier. With the right tools, you could make one yourself in matter of minutes!

If you’re looking to make an interactive video yourself, this article is for you. Listed below are 10 of the best interactive video creation tools that can help you scale your marketing efforts. Let’s dive right in.

Why Use Interactive Video Content In Your Marketing Strategy?

A typical interactive video would have a storyline with dynamic visuals. Unlike in a linear video, the viewer can jump to different parts of the video, create their own story or even look at the video from a different view. The objects in the video are not mere visuals but are clickable hotspots, links or forms. The video can also have quizzes, MCQs and situations that make the viewer take action.

The popular types of interactive videos are:

1. Branched Videos

2. Hotspots

3. 360 degree

4. Interactive Video Quizzes

All of this put together gives users an active experience that lets them interact and engage with the video. By adding interactivity to your videos, you can increase your engagement and conversions 3x-4x more than the traditional linear video.

Interactive videos are not just an enhancement to your video strategy but are a whole strategy in itself.

1. Interactive Videos Drive Engagement

With so many videos flooding the market, a viewer's attention span is decreasing with every passing day. It takes them just a couple of seconds to switch tabs. But interactive videos are different. They allow the viewer to not just engage with the video but to indulge in it. This keeps them hooked to the content. In return, you buy your brand some extra time to convince your audience. The completion rate increases by 36% compared with linear video.

2. Interactive Videos Put The Viewer In The Driver’s Seat

"Relatable Videos'' have been trending since the inception of social media.  Interactive videos let you give a similar or rather a better experience to your business audience. Here the viewer takes full control over the video by jumping to only those parts that are relevant to him. It lets him choose this story and navigate through a path that best daylights him. By giving a viewer such ownership, you make him feel more valuable and personally connected to the brand. And 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase a brand that provides personalized experiences.

3. Interactive Videos Capture Data To Boost Your Sales Strategy

One of the biggest challenges of video marketing is that its engagement seldom resonates with conversions. This makes one's marketing efforts a lot more time taking. Interactive videos tackle this challenge effectively by capturing important metrics for your video and collecting user's data, directly from the user. This helps you :

  • Know your audience better
  • Reflect on your efforts
  • Follow up and pursue leads, etc.

4. Interactive Videos Prioritize Viewer Experience

With the game-like experience that an interactive video creates for the user, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it transports the viewer to another world. The clickable hotspots, the interesting 360 degrees views and the exciting pathways would allow the user to put other tabs aside and focus on the video fully. According to Hapyak, Interactive Video provides 62% Interaction Rate for Quizzes, 13.45% Interaction Rate for Chapters and the total annotations makes up 35.53%.

5. Interactive Videos Are Conversion Friendly

All the above reasons validate why interactive videos convert at a higher rate. But for some more assurance, we can always turn to the social proof that is existent in the market. There are many examples like Philips, Warner Bros, Deloitte, etc have incorporated interactivity in their video strategy and fetched incredible results.

According to Flockler, including a video on a landing page itself can increase conversion by up to 80%. Brightcove's reports stated that 35% of marketers using interactive video have seen increased conversion, and 25% increased sales.

6. Interactive Videos Make An Impact

The delightful experience of an interactive video creates a notable impact on your user's mind. He would probably re-watch the video as well. This amazing engagement that interactive videos bring along with them would give you a creative advantage over your competitors. Interactive videos are 32% more memorable than linear video ads.

10 Best Interactive Video Tools For Businesses

The functionality of an interactive video makes it seem like a challenging task. But contrary to your opinion, making interactive videos is quite simple. Thanks to the spectrum of tools available in the market. This listicle is a curation of 10 best tools that have different features that help you level up your indicative video marketing strategy. Take a look...

1. Wirewax

Wirewax is a sturdy tool that lets you add hotspots to elements and people in the video. The tool is a brilliant marketing tool for eCommerce as it lets the viewer click on the element that he wishes to purchase and add it to the cart directly. It also bestows one with several features like branching, camera switching, 360-degree experiences, slider views, etc. The software also promises 9x conversion rate.


Wirewax caters to businesses of all sizes-small, medium and big. However, the software is very expensive. Even though they provide customised packages, the base price is still very high.

2. Adventr

Adventr is another great tool that lets you add interactivity to your videos almost seamlessly. The interface is pretty straightforward and one has to just drag and drop the elements to add them onto the video. One incredible advantage with the tool is that you can share the video on your social media and other platforms directly after creating the video.


Adventr also lets you track metrics of almost all platforms that host your video. The software tool provides customised packages for businesses. However, it's default packages are very rigid.

3. HapYak

This interactive video creation tool works brilliantly for marketers who want to layer their videos with interactivity. Hapyak integrates with several other platforms including some CRM platforms to enable you to control your views. You can add eCommerce tags, links and quizzes to your videos and make them engaging.


HapYak's pricing is a little higher. It would be a good add on to a Medium-sized company's video toolkit.

4. Camtasia

Camtasia is hands down one of the best tools for video making and editing. The platform lets you upload your videos directly onto Youtube after the creation. The tool now started to provide an interactivity feature with its platform through which one can add hotspots to the visual objects in the video.


Even though the interactive features are not so flexible, it can give a great kickstart to your interactive video marketing strategy.

5. Vidzor

Vidzor is a stunning interactive video creation platform that is fully open. One can create, share and host videos from the same platform. This is a great advantage for businesses as there is less hassle to go through. However, there would be heavy branding of the company on your videos. One has to buy the subscription to make video free logos.


It is best suitable for companies that want to make quick interactive videos with hotspots, branching and some other interesting elements.

6. Rapt

Rapt is a cloud-based video creation platform with some remarkable features that let you add interactivity to your videos. One main advantage of the tool is that it lets you embed your videos onto all platforms almost instantly. Using the tool, you will be able to add clickable elements and branches to your videos and share them onto various platforms.


The dashboard too is quite elaborate and you can track all the analytic and metrics in the tool itself. The platform works with several partner companies too and would be an added advantage to your video marketing strategy.

7. Storygami

Storygami is a quick and super simple tool, that lets you drag and drop interactive overlays such as articles, polls and so many others. It works best when you want to add purchase buttons to your visual objects. The winning point about storygami is that you can use it to add overlays to videos from all platforms. Be it Youtube, Vimeo or Brightcove.

The tool is certainly a must-have in your video marketing toolkit as it makes your videos interactive and more engaging. You can track your videos' performance through the dedicated dashboards.

8. Wootag

This easy-to-use and self-service interactive video creation platform serve exclusively for the eCommerce sector. Wootag lets you add clickable purchase links to your videos letting your audience purchase them or go to your website almost instantly. In return, you get to track the analytics and metrics on your dashboard. The platform is constantly updating its features and functionality.


Wootag offers 3 default pricing plans. However, they also customise it for you based on your requirements.

9. Eko

If you are looking for a tool that lets you make simple, branching videos to give your views the touch of personalisation, then Eko is certainly the one for you. It gives you an intuitive user experience and lets you add branches to your story on the fly.


However, the tool's functionality is limited to branches and does not cater to other interactivity.

10. VideoForm

VideoForm is probably one of the few interactive video creation platforms on the internet and certainly the only interactive video creation platform in this list that lets you add interactivity to not just your marketing efforts, but to your sales efforts too. It is a versatile tool that lets you make interactive videos almost instantly. You can use a combination of pictures, GIFs and even in house videos with interactive contact forms, MCQs, Video and audio replies, etc to make branched videos.

VideoForm - Interactive video creation made easy

You can make sales pitches, product demo videos, tutorial videos, etc to incredibly enhance your sales efforts. You can make brand videos, contact forms and other engaging interactive marketing videos.

You can also make feedback videos, customer grievance VideoForms etc to level up your customer success/support.

Well, the use cases are abundant.

It is the only video creation platform that a business would need.  The interface is extremely smooth and one can navigate through the platform without any extra efforts.

Get Started With Interactive Video Today!

VideoForm is a new generation tool that lets businesses have a holistic approach towards their interactive video strategy as it lets you enhance your sales and marketing efforts by 10x.

The platform works extraordinarily only for businesses of all sizes. Try VideoForm for free now.