At the heart of any strong, successful and growing business is an efficient workforce -  a team of employees that truly believes in the values, the mission and the brand promise of the organization that they work for. This is the workforce that strives for better quality in the organization’s products and services and drives the business forward, closer to its long term vision.

Having such a workforce is vital to the growth and success of any business. And that requires an efficient recruitment process, one that can browse through hordes of talented applicants and fish out the individuals that fit the brand’s vision for the future.

In this article, we’re going to show you how VideoForm, a simple, easy to use interactive video creation platform can help your brand not just attract fresh talent, but also filter the better suited candidates for the positions and responsibilities you offer.

This is a recruitment video, with a twist.

What Is A Recruitment Video?

A recruitment video is a production created specifically to attract fresh talent to a business. Recruitment videos are usually around 3 minutes long and showcase the work culture and values of the company to catch the attention of job seekers who are looking to work for a company with the right environment for them.

Importance Of Recruitment Videos

Video content has time and time again proved to be the most effective content format for communicating messages with an audience. So it should come as no surprise that recruitment videos are a really effective way of attracting the right talent to your business.

1. Recruitment Videos Help You Reach A Broader Audience

Distributing recruitment videos and ensuring they get to the target audience via social media ads is an efficient and highly effective way of increasing your brand’s reach.

Video content has already proven to be the favourite content for internet users worldwide. In fact, 66% of people say they prefer watching video content rather than read text that gives them the same information. This ensures that a larger audience gets the message of the job openings and opportunities you have on offer as compared to other formats for passing the same information.

2. Recruitment Videos Attract The Right Candidates

Recruitment videos are designed to showcase the long term mission of your organization, along with the values and work culture that you have created to help the brand reach that goal. Showcasing these factors is bound to help you attract better suited candidates - individuals who want to be a part of the legacy that you’re out to create and are willing to help you achieve your goals for a smaller paycheck.

3. Recruitment Videos Are A Great Way To Market Your Brand

While recruitment videos are primarily meant for bringing talent to your doors, don’t underestimate its ability as content for marketing your brand. Like I mentioned earlier, recruitment videos showcase your company’s mission, values and culture, which is a great way of showing not just your future employees, but also your prospects, clients, shareholders, existing workforce and even your competitors just who you are and what you do as a brand. This is great for boosting the brand identity and reinforcing your position in the industry as a trusted name.

If you’re looking to create a recruitment video yourself, and want to know where to start, check out our article on the best recruitment videos today, and find out what you can learn from them to attract a powerful workforce to your brand.

The Disadvantages Of Recruitment Videos

Recruitment videos have certain characteristics that make them especially useful to companies looking to create the right workforce to help them grow faster. However, they do have some shortcomings that stop them from being 100% effective:

1. Recruitment Videos Stop At Attracting Talent

While recruitment videos are a great way to spread the word regarding openings in your organization, their part in the recruitment stops there. Recruitment videos are in effect, a passive medium to simply promote your company and interest candidates who are looking to be associated with your brand. Recruitment videos can in no way ensure that you hire the right person for the job.

2. Your Recruitment Budget Doesn’t Stop With The Video

This ties in with the point above. After your video has been aired and it has piqued the interest of the right people, you still have to spend time and resources to shortlist, interview and hire the best candidates for your company. If you were to hire the wrong candidate, you will have to input valuable resources to bring them up to tune and in the worst case, have to fire them and repeat the process of shortlisting, hiring and selecting a suitable candidate for the job - that’s a lot of time, and money.

3. Recruitment Videos Can’t Convert All Their Viewership To Applicants

While a recruitment video will pique the interest of several viewers and even attract several applicants who are suitable for the job, there is still the issue of video content being a passive medium. What I mean is after watching the video, the applicant still has to put in the effort of following your CTA and contacting you by filling an application or sending in an email highlighting their interest in the position you are offering. Not everyone who sees the video will be able to do this immediately, and it’s very possible that you will lose many candidates who could handle your job offering perfectly.

VideoForm To The Rescue

The problems listed above have their roots in one, single issue with recruitment videos - they are passive, one-way mediums to get the message across. If you could create a recruitment video that let your viewers react and reach out to you right from the video itself, you would eliminate all these wrinkles and create a much more efficient recruitment process.

That’s exactly what VideoForm can do for you.

How VideoForm Can Help Speed Up The Recruitment Process

VideoForm is an interactive video creation platform that allows you to create recruitment videos that can go beyond just attracting talent - they’ll allow you to receive viewer responses and shortlist candidates, directly from the video.

1. Get Contact Details Directly From The Video

VideoForm lets you add a contact form directly to your video, allowing your viewers to input their details and help them instantly become a part of your recruitment process. This takes out the extra step of having to log onto a different portal and fill up an application process - something that can result in losing several capable candidates.

2. Use Your Recruitment Video To Shortlist Candidates

Make use of VideoForm’s video reply option and get interested candidates to send in a quick video introduction of themselves in response to your recruitment video. This will help you get a better understanding of how the applicant carries themself and will give you more information to help you shortlist a candidate who fits your team perfectly.

3. Collect & Address Any Queries That Your Candidates May Have

VideoForm lets you collect responses to your video in the form of audio, video or text. Use this feature to encourage candidates to ask you any queries that they may have regarding your company or the recruitment process in the mode that suits them and answer them yourself! Doing this will help ensure that candidates don’t face any hiccups in the application process and reinforces the friendly work environment that you have showcased in your recruitment video.

4. Bring Your Brand’s Personality To Life

With a wide variety of video interactions to choose from and the ability to create almost infinite pathways between videos, VideoForm gives you the opportunity to bring your brand to life in a video like never before. Our VideoForm Team plan gives you complete control over how your VideoForm is branded, allowing you to bring in branded elements like your company logo to different areas of the VideoForm. Use the captions, text boxes and interaction options to further highlight the personality of your brand in a fun, engaging way and hook your future employees right from the get go.

Try VideoForm Today

Interactive video content has the ability to transform how businesses approach various aspects of their working - whether it’s recruitment, lead generation, customer conversion or anything beyond. With VideoForm, you don’t have to be technically gifted or have any prior production experience to start harnessing the power of interactive video content. Get started with VideoForm for FREE today and begin creating your own interactive videos in a matter of minutes.