Imagine this: You searched the whole world wide web and stumbled upon a service that is a panacea for all your existing challenges. So you hit that subscribe button and now wait for the magic to happen.

Now when you are already happy about your purchase, you receive a personalized message from the brand, welcoming you aboard with a set of instructions on how to maximize your purchase and allocate a unique team of customer support as gratitude? And all this is conveyed to you in an interesting and interactive video!

Would you not be thrilled? Would you not recommend the service to several others?

Of course, you would!

Such is the power of personalized video. The beauty of personalized video is that it can be used in various industries in various scenarios.

Now that you are convinced (i hope so), personalized videos should be part of your marketing strategy, let's find out the why, what, and how to use these personalized videos in your customer onboarding process!

Read on!

What are Customer Onboarding Videos?

Onboarding videos are a great way to introduce new customers, people, or anyone using your product or service for the first time to your company and its culture.

Onboarding is popular among companies and is typically short, around two minutes long. They should explain what the viewer can expect from using your product or your high-quality service.

Personalized customer onboarding video

Onboarding videos are not just used to onboard new customers but can also communicate or welcome new hires and new employees. Employee onboarding videos are the latest trend in the market, and this is the topic for another day.

Some great examples of onboarding videos are from Google, a series of short, fun videos that explain how its products work. Apple also has a great series of onboarding videos for its iPhone and iPad users.

These videos are both informative and engaging, and they help new users to feel comfortable using these products.

Onboarding videos are used to:

  • Explain in detail how a product or service works. Such orientation videos are called demonstration videos
  • To explain the core values of the concept, brand, company, or message
  • Educate new users or customers
  • To engage prospects to make a purchase
  • Inform and train employees or staff to get the most of their purchase
  • To provide a unique user experience
  • To improve customer satisfaction
  • To provide customer support
  • To provide updated information on what's happening in the company

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Why Use Personalized Videos to Onboard Customers?

The customer onboarding process is a crucial part of your overall branding strategy that needs to be well thought out and executed. The customer's first impression of you is important, which is why you need to welcome them humbly, but with a bang.

For example:

Personalized onboarding videos have the power to communicate, engage, and make customers feel important at the same time. They help customers get acquainted with the company, services, and products and make them feel more at ease during their purchase process!

There are some great tools you can use for this type of project, like VideoForm, which will create personalized videos with ease and nurture the customer to grow along and make the most of their purchase, thereby creating cross-selling opportunities.

The Client/Customer Onboarding Checklist for SaaS

Did you know that you can create a personalized video for each of the checklist items and share it with customers in different onboarding processes?

With Videoform, it hardly takes a few minutes to create hundreds of personalized videos for your customers by simply uploading a CSV file with customer data points. You can create a personalized video for every scenario.

Here is an example of a personalized onboarding video:

Personalized onboarding video

How Can You Bring Personalized Videos into the Onboarding Process?

There are many different ways to bring personalized videos into the customer onboarding process. Here are 9 engaging video personalization ideas that can help increase interest from students:

  1. Create a welcome video for new customers that features employees or customers already using your product or service.
  2. Include brief, personalized introductions to new customers on your website or through email communications.
  3. Upload customer-specific welcome videos to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
  4. Make a video specifically for first-time customers that introduces them to your company values, and culture.
  5. Send personalized thank you videos to customers who have recently purchased or referred new businesses your way.
  6. Upload customer testimonial videos to your website or social media profiles.
  7. Produce video content that celebrates anniversaries and significant milestones for customers who have been with you for a long time.
  8. Create personalized birthday messages or holiday greetings for customers on your mailing list.
  9. Incorporate customer photos into video content to create a more personal feel.

For example:

Birthday message

When it comes to customer onboarding, video can be a potent tool for engaging and delighting new customers. By using personalized videos in your onboarding process, you can create a more memorable experience that helps encourage the continued use of your product or service.

Personalize Your Onboarding Process With VideoForm!

Here is what you can do with VideoForm to engage your new users/customers:

1. Welcome Customers

With a personalized video message and adding personal elements like name and designation and guiding them through the steps, they need to take to get started.

Videoform makes it easy to create engaging onboarding videos that will help keep your users interested from the start.

2. Introduce New Users to the Team

Make a video with your customer support team, who will work with the new customers. Introduce the user to your team and let them feel taken care of with the personalized video message.

3. Share Customer Stories

Make videos of your customer stories and share them with new clients to assert that they have made the right decision. This exercise will also let your new clients know the rest of your clientele, thereby creating a networking opportunity.

Last but not least, don't forget to smile and add humor and personality to your videos. With Videoform, you can easily create custom onboarding videos that will help keep your users interested and engaged.

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