Do you remember the days when new clothes meant going to the store and picking out a few things you liked off of the racks? These days, it seems like we're all shopping online for everything - and Generation Z is leading the way.

As the world's first true digital natives and as the customers of future Gen Z, consumers expect and appreciate personalized experiences from brands. Personalization makes them feel special, and they feel respected when their unique choices are addressed.

If you want to keep up with this generation, you need to create unique, memorable experiences that speak to their interests and preferences. Here are a few tips for getting started.

Understand What Motivates Gen Z Consumers

It's said that Generation Z holds a whooping buying power worth $140 billion. Half of them are early starters and joined the workforce, and the rest will enter the workforce quickly. So, it's essential to cater to their needs as a brand with futuristic products and services and get that early movers advantage.

Gen Z consumers are motivated by a need for independence and the desire to make a difference in the world. They want brands that reflect their values and support causes they believe in.

They're also looking for unique experiences and opportunities to connect with others, so think about ways you can create an engaged community around your brand.

At the same time, Gen Z is highly cynical and skeptical of advertising, so it's important to be authentic and transparent in your marketing. Show them what you're doing behind the scenes and how you're making a difference and you can do it with video personalization.

Gen Z loves anything new and different, so try out some interesting marketing techniques to capture their attention.

You may be wondering how to create personalized experiences for Gen Z shoppers/consumers. They are the first generation to grow up with internet access and technology at their fingertips, so they expect businesses to know them on a personal level.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to create those engaging experiences that will keep them coming back for more. In this blog post, we'll discuss three such methods. Keep reading to learn more!

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Unique experience for each viewer based on their personal data (such as name, company logo) & app usage (leads generated, tasks done etc)

Creating Personalized Experiences for Gen Z

Gen Z has a strong sense of individuality, has loud opinions, and has clarity on what they want. So, it's not easy to confuse them into buying something that worked for millennials.  

Video personalization for Gen Z consumers

So, how as a brand would you influence their decision-making when they shop, and how do you get their trust and loyalty? There are some simple methods that will garner their attention.

1. Ask them!

To cater to the needs and wants of Gen Z audiences, brands can use surveys as a way to gather data.

Serve them with guided quizzes or self-segmentation questions that allow respondents to describe the sort of goods and services they want from an audience. This helps offer more personalization while also providing interested persons something entertaining!

See an example here:

University Admission

2. Show Them The Purpose of Your Brand!

Gen Z's are an open-minded and progressive generation. They care about social causes and want to buy from companies that support them too!

68% of GenZer's say they appreciate a brand with strong moral values and that contribute to society.

Gen Z

When it comes to marketing, the younger generations are not the same. This means that instead of just using one strategy for targeting and selling products or content with messages supporting social causes against certain demographics (e.g., age), brands should use several different methods depending on what they want from their campaigns.

Instead of rubbing your products and services on them, show what your brand cares for. Talk about the social causes you are associated with. Talk about the CSR activities and show them that you are a brand that values ethics and fights for it.

For example, If you are a sustainable cosmetics brand, talk about how your products are cruelty-free vegan and how a part of your company's profits are donated towards a welfare program.

3. Listen to Them, Keenly

Gen Z is early adopters of the internet and smartphones at their fingertips. They are the largest users of social media and have created digital avatars for themselves, spending a larger part of their life online.

So, it makes sense to follow them on social media, observe what they like, their behavioral patterns, causes they believe in, collect personal cues and personal data and then personalize your advertising campaigns or marketing campaigns accordingly.

10 Ways to Create Personalized Experiences For Gen Z

When it comes to engaging Gen Z consumers, Personalization is key. Here are nine ways to personalize video content for maximum engagement:

  1. Begin by surveying your audience and understanding their interests. What topics do they want to learn more about?
  2. Create a custom intro and outro for each video, featuring the customers' names. Use Videoform to get desired personalized outputs.
  3. Ask your customers to record personalized video messages and then feature them in videos.
  4. Targeting videos based on demographics and interests
  5. Utilizing user generated content in marketing campaigns
  6. Get creative with your content
  7. Incorporate student artwork into videos as a backdrop or transition
  8. Offering personalized coupons and discounts
  9. Developing ad campaigns specifically for mobile devices
  10. Use data to create unique experiences for every consumer

By personalizing your video content in these ways, you'll be sure to engage Gen Z and keep them interested in what you have to say. So try out a few of these ideas and see how they work for you!

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