"I'm sorry to interrupt your dinner, but would you mind telling me what attracted you to our restaurant?" The waiter asked a group of diners. "Sure," they all said in unison before digging into their food again.

"My friend recommended your restaurant, and he raved about how good your lobster was!" "So, we thought why not have our next team dinner here, and here we are!"


Have you ever tried something because someone recommended it to you and did you like it?

If your answer is Yes! and Yes! You are experiencing Social Proof!

Why Social Proof Works!

Social Proof is a very powerful marketing tool when put to use efficiently. People are more biased towards recommendations of other people than any marketing or advertising efforts.

Hence, word of mouth works more efficiently than any sales or marketing technique.

Customer feedback is of utmost importance when selling. It can make all the difference from making that sale or spoiling the deal.

How To Use Social Proof In Business?

Have you heard of testimonials? That's how!

A well-delivered testimonial creates an emotional bond between your customers and your brand, which can further convince your prospects to trust your brand, services, and products.

Good Testimonials are persuasive and create credibility and act as a great selling tool. Having a testimonial of your past customers converts more deals and creates more brand awareness.

How To Build Trust With Testimonials?

Testimonials in themselves convey that someone has used your products and trusts your brand. But in this highly competitive remote selling era, with bots doing all the work, building credibility with text testimonials is challenging.

Also, the most important question your prospects might have is, "what's the guarantee that a customer said it?"

A perfect example of this is Video Testimonials. Video testimonials gather the viewer's attention better than a text testimonial. They provide an emotional connection and can be used for any size of business.

Video Testimonials Build Trust And Humanizes The Content

Video testimonials from customers carry more weight than text-based ones. People want to see other real people using your product or service before they buy it themselves.

Video testimonials

Therefore, if you don't have video testimonials on your website or don't utilize them to pitch to prospects, you might lose sales and hurt your credibility.

A video testimonial is when customers or clients record videos to share their positive experiences with a product/service of your company. Typically these reviewers talk about:

  • How the products and services helped solve customers' challenges
  • How it impacted their revenue growth
  • Connects directly with fellow customers/prospects
  • Humanizes the entire content in your favor
  • Increases your SEO and Google rankings
  • Customer feedback creates greater value on a website
  • It can be shared on social media to create brand visibility and to reach a wider audience
  • It can be used in case studies and use cases
  • It can be used in explainer videos or product videos as a conclusion to make an emotional connection with prospects and potential customers
  • It can be used in Emails as a follow-up strategy
  • It can be used to improve brand awareness

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How Do You Get Your Customers To Provide Testimonials?

With increasing people getting comfortable around video content these days, you can nudge your clients to leave you a testimonial video.

To get the best customer testimonial there is, use the following strategies:

  • Get started by asking clients nicely. Explain how a testimonial from them can create a difference to your business.
  • Lay the ground for your clients to make the entire process easy. Now, all they have to do is just switch on the camera and leave lovely feedback.
  • You can follow an interview approach for ease of conversation. Your clients may feel much comfortable sharing the screen space with you and open up.
  • Ask questions about their overall experience with your brand, products, services, customer care, etc., and get a direct response.
  • Reward your clients for leaving a testimonial. Encourage your clients by providing offers, free trials, or extended services to leave a video testimonial.

Much Simpler Approach?

You can collect video testimonials at scale and in a more professional way by using a tool designed specifically to utilize videos for businesses.

You can get a video testimonial from your clients with one simple click of a button using Videoform.

Videoform is a personalized video creation tool with various features like call to action, meeting scheduling, and lead collection forms.

You can send video emails directly to your clients via the platform or use an extension to integrate it to your email systems/clients.

With Videoform, you can also request your clients to send you video messages.

You are saving your clients time and energy from taking all the effort to record a video using different software and convert it to files, and attach it in emails.

You can simply request your client for a video testimonial; they can record their video and send in the same link.

Video testimonial 

You can record your video requesting your client to send a video testimonial and email them the same.

Then, your clients can simply respond with a video. Just like real conversations.

Plus, when you show yourself in the video, it encourages your clients to try the feature.

A win-win for both!

Ask testimonials with a video

Once your client sends that video, you can simply download it and use it on your website, social media channels, or case studies.

Share your video testimonials

Try Videoform today and sell better!