VideoForm is a versatile tool that lets you create an engaging interactive video experience for your brand. With a broad selection of interactive elements to choose from, VideoForm lets you convert ordinary video touchpoints into two way conversations that let you get closer to the customer.

Be it product demo videos, testimonials, brand videos or even customer support, VideForm lets you convert all sorts of video content into interactive videos that will engage your target audience like never before.

In a world where people are locked in their homes and are trying to minimize human contact for fear of their own safety, a platform like VideoForm is just the tool that can bridge the growing gap between businesses and their customers.

And this goes for all businesses!

In this article, we’re going to show you just how your brand can use VideoForm in the new normal to replace and even enhance customer touchpoints that aren’t viable anymore.

How Has Consumer Behavior Changed With COVID-19?

The pandemic has changed the way we do businesses. With newer health concerns around the globe and social distancing becoming the norm, consumers are now worried about human contact when dealing with brands. Sectors like Tourism, Education, Fashion, Entertainment, Real Estate, etc have all been hit hard with a loss of a huge chunk of their consumers.

Besides, consumer behavior has taken several new turns. Firstly, Consumers are starting to make intuitive and emotional decisions. Brands that give them emotional comfort are the ones to attract the most consumers.

Secondly, brand loyalties have taken a back seat for the masses. The brand that is available easily is the one they have begun to turn to. Now that the lockdown has been eased in several countries, the consumers are on the verge of returning to their brands. However, it’s no secret that the brands which put in the effort to ensure that their customers have a safer experience will ultimately win out over brands that don’t. In fact, 65% of consumers stated that a brand's reaction towards the pandemic decided their loyalty towards its products and services.

The pandemic has largely impacted the habits of the consumers too. This brings us to the third behavioural change that is the habits of the consumers. With most of the population choosing to stay home, the importance of the digital world is increasing every passing day. Online presence is now the need of the hour.

All these consumers behavioural changes have forced businesses to change the way they market their brand and redefine their approach towards the consumers.

One strategy that is helping brands to connect with their prospects at this point of time is Video Marketing. This isn’t surprising - Video marketing had a massive brand following even before the pandemic.

However, with such an overwhelming number of Videos to consume, audiences are again beginning to look out for something different, something more appealing.

VideoForm is that unique platform that helps you have an interactive edge over your competitors. You can now give your customers the comfort of one-to-one interaction through videos.

Here’s How It Works

VideoForm helps businesses add personality and flair to their brands, making their messaging all the more well rounded. With the rapidly changing digital landscape, consumers never know who’s behind the screen. But with this tool, you can bring in a human touch to every customer touchpoint across your brand experience, without having customers worry about the human interaction that it normally entails.

This way your approach towards your consumers is virtual yet personal.

When it comes to video marketing, the biggest challenge is “time”. Making video content can get strenuous as it demands a lot of time and effort.  It would be a shame if your video didn’t perform as intended. That’s where VideoForm can help. Upload your video to VideoForm and add interactions to turn your one-way message into a two-way conversation that actively engages your customers and makes it all the more impactful. The interface of the tool is super easy to use with swiftness as the main characteristic. One can create VideoForms on the fly. Here’s how it works.

The whole process happens just in three steps-

  1. You select a video.

Once you’ve hit the create VideoForm button, you will be taken to a page where you can pick from preset templates, or choose to create your VideoForm from scratch. Wither way, you can add video content to your VideoForm by directly uploading from your computer or drive, record the screen, or via webcam or even import your previous VideoForm. Besides, there are plenty of GIFs and free videos to choose from.

  1. Add text on the video

Again, this is quite simple, letting you navigate quite seamlessly.

  1. Add a form

The response type for the form can be a multiple-choice question, a textual reply, a video or audio recording, a Calendly link or a button.

Well, it’s that simple.

You can then go ahead and build pathways between your forms that take respondents around your video based on their responses.

The whole process is so simple and yet, in the end, you will have a brilliant interactive video to share with your consumers.

How Can VideoForm Help Your Brand In The New Normal?

Read on to know how you can leverage the tool to strengthen your marketing strategies and transform them to better suit the consumers’ behaviour.

1. Take Your Business Online

With everything being available just a click away, consumers have become quite comfortable to digitalization. They have started to spend more and more time on the internet and online buying has become a lifestyle now. In such an environment, if you still haven’t taken your business online, you’re missing out on a lot. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are - having an online presence is a necessity now.

VideoForm is a tool that helps your brand go online, without the fear of losing your business’ brand experience in the process. With the ability to create one-to-one videos that turn the customer from a passive watcher to an active participant, you transport some of your brand’s offline experience and personality online. All it takes is a few minutes of planning.

Figure out the various touchpoints that your customers have with your offline business, and then use VideoForm to take those touchpoints online and react on behalf of your brand.

2. Hold Interactive Conversations For More Personal Customer Support

Customer support is the central pillar to your customer’s experience with your brand. No matter how great and versatile your product is, your customers will always have issues when using it. If you don’t have an efficient customer support system in place, your brand risks tarnishing the customer experience and will lose thousands of customers in one go. Customer experience is where your business is going to either win or lose.

Great customer support improves your brand image and lets you build fruitful relationships with your customers.

73 % of consumers are more loyal to brands that offer personalised customer care.

VideoForms can help you achieve that feeling of being assisted by a real brand employee - digitally.

No I’m not talking about creating a chatbot - customers can always tell when they’re talking to a bot.

With VideoForm, you can record yourself solving your customer’s most frequent issues and stitch them all up into an interactive troubleshooting VideoForm.

Of course, you won't be able to list out all the problems that your customers will face. In that case, you can have your customers send in their responses to your support team via audio, video or text, helping your team devote more of their attention to customers who have a different kind of issue.

In the process, you create an interactive FAQ that also doubles up as a customer support platform for your consumer base.

3. Hire Fresh Talent Through Interactive Video Recruitment

Every great brand needs a great workforce that believes in it’s vision - a team of talented individuals that are willing to devote time and effort to build the brand name and give customers the experience that has been promised.

Finding this sort of talent for your business is a tough battle, even more so with a global pandemic on our hands.

VideoForm can help you get past this problem with interactive recruitment videos.

Ordinary, 1-way recruitment videos are popular among brands already.

These videos showcase your company’s work culture and values, catching the attention of individuals who are looking for that sort of work environment. A great recruitment video can attract plenty of talent who are willing to take a smaller paycheck in return for the opportunity to be involved in building your legacy.

With VideoForm, you will be able to make interactive recruitment videos that don’t just stop at  attracting talent to your brand - it collects the contact details of interested applicants via a simple contact form at the end of the video. Want to take it a step further? Ask the interested applicants to send in a video about themselves with the video response option - this will help you better judge your applicants and help you eliminate applicants that don’t seem to match with your brand’s ideals.

All this, without having to spend any extra resources on platforms for conducting interviews and shortlisting candidates.

4. Guide Customers Through Your Products

No matter how much we try to fill the void, the experience of purchasing a product online is severely different from the in-store experience offline. Today, physically guiding your customer through your products, talking them through the various features and benefits and helping them find the right one for themselves is all now a ruled out scenario. This is indeed a large disadvantage for businesses as the buyer’s decision is mostly self-driven.

But with VideoForm, you can give your consumers a quite similar experience. It is almost like the salesman navigating the customer through the store.

Use VideoForm to create an interactive video catalogue of your products for your customers to browse online. Each product listed on the catalogue can have its own demo and explainer videos for the customers to view. Leave a CTA button at the end to redirect interested customers to the payment gateway to make the purchase, or give them a free demo! You can also ask the viewer for his/her priorities and give them personalized suggestions. All this through a single VideoForm.

With the right combination of video content and interaction planning, you can create an online in-store experience that emulates the feeling of being in the store, talking to one of your brand’s employees to make up your mind.

5. Get Customer Feedback & Collect Testimonials

Social proof has been playing a huge role in a buyer‘s decision making journey. With the prevailing pandemic, this word of mouth propagation has come to a large setback. But the good news is 84% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as they would trust a personal recommendation.

Brands from across the world have realised the same. As a result, there are tons of paid reviews for all brands. With an increasing number of such reviews, the faith of the consumers' trust is decreasing. But Video testimonials can be a great way of cutting through the clutter and establishing yourself as a trustworthy brand. However, asking your customers to record their feedback may brush them on the wrong side.

To tackle this, sending them a personalised video requesting them to record their feedback can make the whole process a lot more effective.

All you have to do is record yourself asking for a video testimonial (or just use a template) and share the VideoForm with your clients. They can easily record their testimonial as a video response to your VideoForm, from the comfort of their couch.

This stands true for instant customer feedback too. Send a VideoForm with a combination of video, text and forms to take your customers' feedback. MCQs can be a great option for this.

6. Train Your Employees With Interactive Video Content

Another biggest challenge for agencies is interacting with their new team and training them to align them with the brand’s values and working culture. With work from home becoming the new normal, meeting your new team in-person can seem quite far fetched. The same stands try for the existing teams as well. As a result training and learning can be a hard nut to crack. Be it reskilling or employee training, learning has been hard hit by the pandemic.

While video tutorials can be a great way to help your team learn, it cannot beat the traditional hands-on training.

However, interactive Videos is one way to get closer to hands-on training. With VideoForm you can create a combination of videos, text and forms to help the employees understand the sessions better. Further based on their response and learning speed you can also lead them to different pathways. You can also direct them to a more elaborate material through links or schedule a personal doubts session via calendly.

With the MCQs option, you can also help the trainee understand where he stands and navigate him to additional pathways to help him get the additional support.

This way each of the trainees can be trained almost personally with optimum consideration of their grasping speed.

7. Real Estate Agents? Take Your Clients On Virtual Property Tours

The reason is that the consumers of the industry rely on the trustworthiness of the property. With the painfully less capacity of a realtor to engage the consumers and convince them to buy the properties, the industry was certain to fall flat. Thanks to video marketing that realtors are still able to keep their businesses up and running.4

VideoForms take this strategy to the next level with its interactive elements. Realtors can now personally guide their clients through interactive marketing. With Video forms, the realtors will be able to give property tours. Here, the prospects can navigate in the direction they want to through their responses. For example, you can make a VideoForm with MCQs so that the client can choose his pathway.

However, this is just one example and there are several other ways to leverage VideoForm for your Real Estate Business. Try the platform for free today.

Summing It Up

Well, the above-mentioned use cases are just a few among the many incredible ways in which VideoForms can be made.

This tool is indeed a video marketer’s best pal.

Once your VideoForm is ready, you can share it to your consumers via a link or embed it into your website or landing page.

You can also connect to more than 1000+ apps through the tool, track your video’s progress and optimise it for the search engines. All through one single software. It is indeed the new generation of video marketing software.

Try VideoForm today!