When it comes to video personalization, the hospitality industry is at the forefront of utilizing cutting-edge technology.

From greeting guests at the door to recommending specific dishes or drinks, hotels quickly adopt video solutions that put the guest first.

And with good reason: studies show that personalized experiences result in greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.

So what's behind this trend, and how can your hotel get on board? Keep reading for all you need to know!

Why is Personalization Important For the Hospitality Industry?

Personalization is important for the hospitality industry because it allows businesses to create unique experiences for their guests.

By understanding each guest's preferences, you can provide services and amenities that are tailored specifically to them. This makes guests feel valued and appreciated, but it also encourages them to return in the future.

Video personalization for hospitality industry

Personalization is also important for marketing purposes. By collecting data about guests' likes and dislikes, businesses can target them with advertising that is more likely to interest them.

This helps to reduce wastage and increase ROI. Overall, personalization is a powerful tool that can boost customer loyalty and improve business performance in the hospitality industry.

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3 Ways Personalization is Changing the Hospitality Industry

1. The Demand For Customization, Not Standardization

There is a growing demand for customization, not standardization, in the hospitality industry. This shift is driven by two key demographics: millennials and Gen Z.

The stereotype of millennials is that they are individualistic and want their experiences to be unique. They are also more likely to trust recommendations from friends and family than endorsements from experts.

This means they are less likely to gravitate towards standardized experiences, such as those offered by large hotel chains.

Gen Z is even more individualistic than millennials, and they have very different priorities when it comes to travel. For example, they care more about social media fame than traditional markers of success such as wealth or status.

This means that they are more likely to seek unique and memorable experiences.

These two groups are why video personalization is forecast to grow so quickly over the next decade. Video offers travelers a personalized experience, representing something new and exciting compared to traditional travel media such as print or television ads.

Video personalization with Videoform

As video becomes more ubiquitous across all platforms, it will be possible for hotels to create even more customized experiences for their guests. This will help them stay ahead of the competition and attract new customers.

Some hotels are already starting to experiment with video personalization. For example, The Peninsula in Hong Kong has a video welcome message that greets guests as they arrive.

Peninsula Hotel

This video is tailored to each guest based on information such as name, company, location, and other interests.

2. Personalized Customer Service is the New Norm in Hospitality

Personalized customer service is the new norm in hospitality, and it's a trend that we're seeing more and more of as time goes on.

In today's day and age, people are looking for personalized experiences when they travel - whether that means being greeted by name or having their preferences automatically saved.

It comes down to one word: authenticity. When you provide an experience that feels authentic to who you are as a company or individual, customers will feel like they've found someone who gets them and whose interests align with theirs - which ultimately makes for a better guest experience overall.

3. Technology Plays an Increasingly Important Role in Personalizing Guest Experiences Through CRM

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in personalizing the guest experience. Guests want to be served by people they know and trust.

Hence, hotels can use personalized videos or video bots to customize their interactions with guests based on what the customer tells them about themselves.

For example, Hilton Worldwide has partnered with IBM Watson for its CurioSuites bot that offers personalized concierge services like dining recommendations or directions from wherever you are in the world to your hotel room.

The goal is to provide a great stay and make it an unforgettable one where guests come back again and again because of how well everything was handled for them by bots powered by AI!

Top 6 Video Personalization Ideas For The Hospitality Industry

Idea #01: Welcome Video

A video is a great way to capture the personality of your establishment and show it off in an interactive format.

Guests will feel more connected to you, and they'll be able to envision themselves being there with ease.

Welcome video

Plus, it's super simple! Show video greetings from the owner or manager of the establishment to guests.

It only takes about five minutes per day (maybe seven days worth) before seeing the benefits of this investment that will pay off over time and make guests feel welcomed from day one!

Here is a simple video script idea you can create with Videoform:

Hi, I'm (name), and welcome to our establishment. We're glad you could visit with us today!

First of all, please know that your comfort is our top priority here at (hotel name).

Let me show you some of the amenities we have available for you during your stay.

Here's a list of rooms available on arrival-
Room 1 - King bed with private bathroom
Room 2 - Double Queen Bedroom Suite with private bath or shower only
Room 3 - Twin room smaller than Room 2 but larger than a Standard Single Room.

If there are any questions about anything during your stay, please don't hesitate to ask one of our staff members.

Idea #02: Room Service Video

Room service video for hotel guests can be a great way to show guests how to make the most of the amenities and services offered by your hotel.

It can also be a useful way to promote special offers or events at your hotel. And, of course, it's a great way to show off your property's beautiful surroundings!

This personalized video will provide an overview of the process, from placing your order to enjoying your meal.

Room Service

When creating a room service video for hotel guests, be sure to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure the video is high quality and looks professional. Guests will expect high quality from a hotel room service video.
  • Keep the message clear and concise. Guests don't want to watch a long, drawn-out video. Try to stick to the main points at the beginning with beautiful visuals of your holiday inn and deep video personalization.

See our video personalization templates for inspiration:

30+ Video Personalization Templates
Send a personalized video by weaving in customer information into a video. Choose from 30+ video personalization templates !

Idea #03: In-Room Dining Video

Creating video menus that show what dishes are available and how they are prepared can help guests make better choices about what they would like to order.

In-room dining video

This can be especially helpful if you have a wide variety of dishes available, as it can be difficult to decide based on just a written menu. Videos can also give guests an idea of portion sizes, which may help them to better plan their meal.

Idea #04: Hotel Amenities Video

Create video tours or virtual tours of the property and highlight different areas or amenities.

The best way to get people's attention is with a video. It can be as simple as you want, just showing the inside of your hotel and highlighting different areas or amenities available there.

But if you want to impact potential guests, create high-quality videos that show off everything they would need before deciding where to stay during their visit with one step further - video personalization.

Hotel amenities

For example, You could start by addressing guest names and explaining what kind of accommodations (if any) are available at the hotel.

Then lead them through one of your beautifully designed suites so they can see firsthand how luxurious it is here; after which we take them outside for a quick tour around the grounds - stopping by each room.

By using this type of video marketing strategy, you'll be able to increase customer satisfaction while increasing revenue in the long run.

Idea #05: Local Attractions Video

Make a video highlighting special events or seasonal attractions.

If you're looking to add a touch of excitement for your guests, why not create a video highlighting special events or seasonal attractions in your area? This is a great way to show off all that your town or city offers.

Plus, it can be a fun way for guests to learn more about the local culture and get excited about their upcoming trip.

To get started, gather footage of local landmarks, festivals, and other attractions. You can also include clips of residents enjoying themselves in various settings.

Once you have your footage, it's time to put together a storyboard and start piecing it all together. Be sure to add titles, personalization elements like name or brand logo with music that capture the essence of your location.

Idea #06: Feature Customer Testimonials on Video

Yes! Customer testimonials are incredibly valuable tools for attracting new guests to your hotel.

By featuring customer testimonials on video, you can provide potential guests with an inside look at what it's like to stay at your hotel. This can help them better understand what to expect and make them more likely to choose your hotel over others.

Customer testimonial videos

Plus, customer testimonials help build trust and credibility for your business. When potential guests see that other people have had a positive experience staying at your hotel, they're more likely to believe they will.

So don't hesitate to feature customer testimonials on video! They can be a powerful tool for attracting new guests.

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Personalize Your Experience Today!

With video personalization, you can leverage your customer's penchant for playing with their phone to provide them with a personalized experience.

The benefits of this are huge - it provides you access to what customers want and needs before they even know that they do.

It also boosts engagement rates by providing an easy way to interact with the brand on social media platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn. If you're interested in learning more about how we use video personalization techniques to increase conversion rates, book a call!