Sales is an intensive job. With targets behind your back all day, every day, you are stressed beyond the point!

We gathered some jokes that you can laugh off and probably remember in your utmost stressed situation and bring a smile on your face to rejuvenate with some energy to go on!

But first, haven't we all been there!

1. The Confirmed Order!!

Boss: Hey Mark, Any confirmed orders today?

Mark: Yes, Boss! I got two of them!

Boss: Yay! What were they?

Mark: "Get out!" and "Keep out!" πŸ‘Š

2. Winner Gets it All πŸ’₯

Sales Manager: We have a sales contest this month."

Team: "What do the winners get?

Sales Manager: "Winners get promoted to another contest of selling the most."

3. One Joke!

Manager to Sales Rep: Start your presentation with a joke.

Sales rep attached his paycheck to the presentation! πŸ˜…

4. The Breakthrough!πŸ˜ƒ

Why did the salesperson go to see her doctor?

She thought she had a breakthrough.

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5. Saga of a Shoe Salesman!

Interviewer: What did you work as before this?

Salesman: I was selling shoes.

Interviewer: Why did you quit?

Salesman: They gave me the boot! Ouch!πŸ˜‘

6. Slickest Salesperson

What does the salesperson selling hair gels know?

Ans: The slickest line! πŸ’‡

7. The Bratwursts!

A couple of German sales people attended an event and they were thrown out! Why?

Because they are the wurst people ever (Did you get the pun?)πŸ₯˜

8. A Sale!

How do you get 20 salespeople out of your pool at one time?

Throw in a sale!πŸ‘

9. The Cry!

How do you make a salesperson cry?

Give them their commission check and tell them it's in advance.

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10. Stick to the Word!😎

Why should you believe a glue sales person's words?

Because they stick to their promises.

11. Best Insurance Sales Pitch Ever!πŸ˜†

One smart insurance sales agent has been trying to convince a client for a long time. But the client did not budge.

One day, tired, the agent said to the client," Let me know if you are interested Sir, that is, if you still wake up tomorrow morning!"

Thankfully, the client laughed out and took the policy ( good that he saw the importance and genuinely of the sales agent here. This kind of humor might backfire sometimes. So, be careful with humor in sales)

12. The Employee With Swag!

Sales manager: I don't have the word "impossible" in my dictionary!

Sales Rep: "Oh! Sir, it looks like you bought a faulty dictionary.😎

13. Stick With it!

Manager in an interview: Where did you work before? Why did you quit?

Salesman: I previously worked at Velcro. I couldn't stick with it πŸ˜‰

14. 0% Workload!

Salesperson selling computer software: This software is amazing! It will cut the workload by 50%.

Manager: Awesome! I will buy 2 of them!😎

15. Flash πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

There was a flash sale at Target departmental store last week, and guess what's sold the most?

Torches! Get it?

16. Correct Time

A watch ad in a newspaper read: Offering 50% discount on all the watches. They work fine, half the time.

17. May the Force be With YouπŸ’ͺ

Yoda is the best salesman in the company. How? He used SalesForce!

18. Hugs or Rugs? πŸ€—

A carpet and rugs salesperson is so involved in his work that he always ends his letters to his wife and kids like this "Tons of kisses and rugs to you!"

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19. A Very Persistent Salesman!

Client: I cannot see you!

Salesman: That's absolutely ok, Sir; I am selling Glasses. You can see me clearly now! πŸ‘€