Do you use videos for sales and marketing efforts? Have you noticed that they're not getting enough views? You might wonder what makes people stop and watch your video and not just look at them and pass by.

If making engaging video email content is one task, getting enough views and making people watch it fully is a whole other story.

You need effective engagement techniques along with knowing specific metrics & tactics. One such important metric is video play rate or views.

Let's dive in...

What is Video Email Play Rate?

Video play rate is calculated by the number of plays your video email receives, divided by its impressions. In short, it is a ratio of plays and impressions of a video.

A low play rate means that your video couldn't attract many audiences and failed to make them watch it or play it.

Play rates are a great way to see what people find engaging and entertaining. A low play rate can often mean your video lacks quality, so make sure the  thumbnail of yours is clear with an attractive call to action!

Play rate impacts the conversion rate and gives you information about the number of people opening the videos. So, it's important to have an effective strategy and set proper goals to make your prospects hit that fake play button on the thumbnail.

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What are Impressions?

When a viewer comes across your video thumbnails, it's called impressions. The number of impressions is equal to the number of times your video thumbnails are shown. Each impression has the potential to become a view if done correctly.

Impressions are displayed in the metric/analytics of a tool. For example, in Videoform, impressions are displayed in analytics options and in video hosting platforms like YouTube.

Why is Video Play Rate Important?

The analytics like video play rate or views gives you a deeper understanding and insights about your video performance. The higher the views, the better your video content.

Plat rate lets you develop an effective video content recording strategy that helps with your marketing efforts. It also lets you achieve higher viewership.

Video Analytics

What can you do as sales and marketing professions, if your videos just aren't getting played often enough or at all because of low engagement with opening images/thumbnails.

Try redesigning them using more captivating CTAs, which will make users more inclined towards clicking on the thumbnail image.  

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8 Ways To Increase Your Video Email Play Rates

1. Add Customized Thumbnail

The thumbnail is one of the most important parts of your video, and has a massive impact on how people view it. Basically, if they don't like what they see in the thumbnail, they're not clicking.

So don't overlook this detail! Take the time to research good-looking professional photos that reflect the subject matter of your video and tailor them specifically to what you'll be talking about in each piece. In general, good thumbnails contain only one key point with effective visuals.

Videoform provides image and GIF option to add as thumbnail. It also generates a thumbnail automatically to suit your video content. Save time and signup to Videoform today!

Image and GIF Thumbnail

2. Write a Compelling Video Title

The first thing you notice before watching a video is the title.  Create a title that makes sense for what you are talking about, but also try to make it catchy. Keep it short and sweet - The shorter the title, the more likely prospects will stay focused and not move on.

Videoform Title

Don't drag out what should be said in five minutes into ten minutes of talking--no one has time for that these days!

3. Add Custom Branding, Text Font, and Colors

Videos with a custom player color and font saw an 18% increase in play rate.

Adding custom branding elements to your video email improves brand awareness, creates a unique user experience, and makes viewers associate further with your brand.

Custom Branding

There are different ways to include branding elements in the video. You can pick the brand font and make your text visible in the brand colors from the above screenshot.

4. Trim The Length of Your Video

The average engagement rate across all videos is 52%. Length of video impacts the video engagement.

A long video might discourage the viewers from even clicking on your video. Timestamp gives your viewers a picture of how long your video is, and there are many chances that your video will be interacted with if it's less than 2 minutes. So, trim your video to best suit the content you are explaining.

Trim Your Video

Don't drag your content with unrelated information. Be short and sweet. If your video is too long, try to add chapters to the video and break it into short videos with one chapter each.

Videoform gives you an option to trim your video in the tool itself. You can record and see if its too lengthy, and can crop and trim accordingly.

5. Match Content With Visitor Intent

Personalize your content as much as you can. Match your content with your audience and always try to provide information relevant to your title topic.

Tell an enticing story that they want to hear and are looking for. Hook your viewers with useful, informational, yet entertaining message.

6. Videos on Website

When your potential prospects visit your website, make sure you are placing relevant content on the web pages. You can place demo videos or testimonial videos to give your prospects a reason to buy your products and services.

Videos Embeds on Website

7. Place CTAs' in Your Video

CTA's play an important role in directing your viewers into the action you want them to take on your video. Placing them in your video gives you the benefit of immediate action from viewers. One mistake everyone makes is in the placement of video.

Don't add it to the end of the video but place them strategically throughout. Add a form in your video for interested prospects to reach out. Also, add your contact information and link website in the end for prospects to reach out.

8. Use Power Phrases

You cannot underestimate the power of powerful phrases and words!

They can make or break your video play rate. The attention span of humans is decreasing every day, and if you can't make an impact in 5 secs, you have lost a viewer.

A quick way to grab that attention is by using the phrases and words that get to them.


Video emails are catching up in the sales world. With video emails, you can personalize your content that matches your intent without much effort.

Add a customized thumbnail and trim videos to the length that your prospects appreciate and add the CTA’s for easy reply back from prospects.

What else do you want to make your viewers open that email and play the video?

Videoform offers the best video in email service there is. With numerous features and with detailed analytics, you can now sell like never before.

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