You might be sending emails to the wrong people.

Is it just you, or is that frustrating?

It’s not enough these days for a salesperson to know whom they have in their contacts list, but also how engaged those prospects are with you and your content.

The benefits of tracking emails extend beyond knowing when you've sent messages out, but when it’s a video email, you have to work smarter.

Video Metrics Matter Most

When you don't even know whether certain prospects will open what's sent through inboxes, there isn't much point in reaching out.

So let’s dig deeper into why video analytics is essential and how VideoForm can help you find an ideal prospect!

Why Is Video Analytics So Important?

Video analytics refers to a suite of computational intelligence techniques for analyzing asynchronous videos to enable action with minimal human supervision.

In simple terms, video analytics is a way to read recorded videos you and your team sent out to potential customers. It can help you know what is happening with the prospects without needing someone to watch all the time.

You can use video analytics in various domains  like social media, but the one you need to focus on right now is open email rates. For example, in VideoForm, you can detect who has opened your video email and who hasn’t at lightning speed.

You don’t need to download special software and spend thousands of dollars a year to get this feature because VideoForm offers to track features along with video emails!

You can track, measure, and analyze the overall video performance with detailed analytics seamlessly.

But wait, here’s more on why video analytics matter:

  • It helps track whether the email is delivered to the right destination
  • Check video impressions
  • Determine the number of users that watched the entire video
  • See how many viewers have interacted with your video
  • Identify the emails which are not opened by the prospects
  • Get to know the devices which prospects use to watch your videos

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Which Video Metrics Matter The Most?

To see if your overall sales video worked in VideoForm, these are the metrics you need to keep an eye on:

Video Metrics

1. View Count

The first thing salespeople want to know after releasing a new video is how many views or play rate does the video email generate? Unfortunately, views are just vanity metrics unless it is paired with more meaningful measurements like video metrics.

You need to be careful when sending any video content. If the video is released and it doesn't appeal to a specific target audience, then you've wasted your effort because no one will watch it.

On the other hand, if you have an idea that appeals only to powerful businesswomen and send relevant information to make decisions, your sales efforts succeed even with minimal views!

So, which group should you spend your time on? The 100 people who didn't open the email or watch the video at all OR those 50 prospects that gave it their full attention?

Although it's hard to get a foothold when there are so many competing videos, through careful use of video analytics you can have a greater chance at success.

Don't waste time on those who ignored your emails - focus on the key component, such as contacting prospects who opened it up and watched the video right from the start until finish.

VideoForm allows you to quickly run down the metrics to find the number of impressions your individual videos have made.

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2. Clicks

The data on the number of total video clicks on a video email is essential because each click reflects an engagement, which means your video was seen. This tells you what kind of content potential customers are interested in and needs more videos similar to the one just clicked.

It's all about keeping your audience hooked and building interest in your product.

Engagement numbers also help point out weak spots to fix before it hurts you later on. For example, not enough emotional content or too many irrelevant links shared that are distracting from what's important is probably a bad addition.

Instead, focus on using a meaningful CTA and a relevant link!

3. Number of Replies

Video messages are interactive, personal, and effective in making an impact.

The number of replies on a video message is important because it shows that you can engage the recipient enough to respond!

Alternatively, if a video message has no reply, you feel like prospects couldn't be bothered. Also, it establishes reciprocity when a person replies with a comment, video, or audio in an interaction.

Overall, you can infer much from how someone responds to your funny holiday video. Also, prospects might not care about videos at all and not respond even when they see one.

This skepticism might stem from misconceptions regarding unsolicited mailers or unassuming scammers. The point is, you need to craft a video email subject line in such a way that the prospect has no choice but to open!

4.  Fully Watched

Not everyone reads your email. That's where you come in with a personalized video email.

If your video has been watched to completion by at least 10% of prospects, chances are, you are on the right track.

To get these up your sleeve, do what's proven to work for others and now works for You -

More open rate = better ROI (Return On Investment)

You need to follow up with prospects who are likely to be interested in your product. The best indicator for this is that:

When your video has been opened, read, and clicked on, you need to up your game!

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5.  Device Break Down

A device breakdown in analytics data is a report outlining the usage of devices and platforms.

Device Breakdown Stats

It can provide valuable insight by telling you which platform is most popular, what devices are being used by your target audience more often than average.

Understanding the performance of your videos on different devices can help you make strategic decisions about how to plan the next sales content.

How to Use Video Analytics to Follow Up With Ideal Customers?

First things first, remember that not every prospect will open your email, and that is ok. This is why you need to identify the ideal customer who is most likely to convert through video data.

Once you identify the ideal customer, make sure to follow up by sending the most amazing video that showcases your human side. Again, think about what your customers are engaging with the most and create content that fits the mold.

If you see a prospect just opened your email and watched your video, it’s more likely you can reach the prospect at that moment. Use this window of opportunity to get in touch with them! Not when the prospect is spending time with family.

When engaging with unengaged prospects, it might feel like you’re being ignored, but don't worry. Instead, analyze what people aren't engaging with so that you can better tailor your message for them in the future!

A CTA is a great way to get your subscribers more engaged with the content you're sharing.

But it's important not only where you place the CTA but also what kind of message or request accompanies each one. So take some time to try placing CTAs effectively in every video email.

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How To Use Video Analytics In VideoForm?

Before using the video analytics of VideoForm, ask yourself these five questions:

  • How often do you send emails to your prospects?
  • How often do prospects not open your emails?
  • What needs should you be aware of before serving this person or group?
  • Do people unsubscribe straight away without opening your video email or clicking on the links contained in them?
  • What types of video content would be more attractive?

If you answer any one of these questions, it is time to dig deeper into video analytics. Then, I will share with you some cool tips to use video analytic easily!

  1. Install the VideoForm Chrome extension. You will get a dashboard with basic tracking information.
  2. Once you paste the tracking info such as Facebook Pixel Id, Google Analytics Id, or Google Tag manager ID, you’re good to go
  3. Click on send an email, and then you can track the video metrics that matter!
Video Analytics

VideoForm is a full-fledged video platform that lets you send video emails from inside your favorite tools like Salesforce, Gmail, Hubspot and more. Sign up for a VideoForm and watch a demo to see how it fits your sales needs!