Videos in emails are catching up, and the biggest question now is, do my email clients support videos? Should I embed the video in my mail or share my video as a link?

This blog post will cover which email clients support embedded videos and how to get started with them.

How to Use Videos in Emails?

If you add a video, it doesn't immediately play. It's a progressive enhancement to add where feasible, but it's always best to check your subscriber list and determine whether the majority of your audience would be able to watch the video in email.

Email clients, such as Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and others, frequently don't support the technical requirements necessary to play video right within the email.

Sometimes, embedded videos in your email are more likely to be mistakenly classified as spam and never reach inboxes if Google detects that you're only trying to send bulk emails.

How to Send Video in Email the Right Way?

The good news is that there is a way to include video in your emails without getting banned by email service providers.

Meet the platform that can send video email directly from Gmail or Outlook - VideoForm. This easy solution gives you the advantages of video without the email deliverability concerns.

Personalized video email

The VideoForm method works because your video isn't included in your email. Instead, it's inserted as a clickable link with a thumbnail and is loaded externally.

Because links seldom activate spam filters, this solves delivery problems. You get all of the advantages of embedded video without any of the drawbacks.

To know more about sending video emails from Gmail, HubSpot click here.

  • Videos can enhance the aesthetics of a product or service by adding an objective point-of-view
  • Video communicates effectively with viewers/audience/prospects
  • Video Emails can be personalized
  • Video conveys the message effectively and what's better than sharing that with your prospects in emails
  • Video email garners better open and click through rates
  • Video emails don't end up in spam as compared to the embedded emails
  • Has all the potential to convert leads
Personalized video email

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Which Email Clients Support Video Embedding?

  • Mac & IOS email
  • Outlook on MAC
  • Samsung Mail
  • Thunderbird

Which Email Clients DON'T Support Video Embedding?

  • Gmail
  • Android mail
  • AOL Mail
  • Outlook on other OS except MAC
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Office 365

As you can see, that's a lot of places where video is not supported. The best support for video in email is on iOS, Apple Mail, Samsung Mail, and Thunderbird.

Outlook recently started supporting video in email. But before you get excited, it's very limited support as they only support emails from very specific URLs as Rémi Parmentier discovered.

And if, for some reason, your video is one that's supported, the experience is very clunky as they don't support the controls or autoplay. So to have your video play, subscribers would have to right-click and then hit play, which is not ideal.


Gmail is the go-to email service for people who want their messages delivered right when they need them. Gmail is used by a lot of users and the no.1 preferred email client by most business accounts too.

But Gmail offers very limited support when it comes to embedded videos.

Instead of doing so much, you can just send video email through VideoForm.

Is There Any Effective User-Friendly Solution to Embed Video in an Email?

There are multiple ways of embedding video in your email:

  • Find the URL of the video you want to include, or download and save your video to your computer and upload it on a cloud service
  • Create animated GIFs of video files or a static image of the video as a display.
  • Drag-and-drop your GIF into your email, and add a video link.

When customers hit that play button, the full video content is played in a separate window.

But you cannot customize or personalize the content to your recipients neither can you play the video without opening in a separate tab. It’s a painful experience.

A Simpler & Better Solution!

VideoForm offers a better solution to embedding videos in email. You can add CTA's, make it look much more professional, and also tailor-make your video in emails to suit your needs.

What more? You can also use the ready-made templates for a variety of email marketing automations.

personalized video pitch

More to it, VideoForm offers many integrations and you can send a video via the email clients that usually do not support embedded videos.

For example, with VideoForm Gmail integration, you can share a video in your email that is personalized and plays in the same window. What's even better is that the email looks clean and professional.

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