LinkedIn is a powerful tool for salespeople, but not all salespeople know how to use it.

It's also a great place to share your expertise and generate leads through articles, posts, and videos.

In this post, I'll outline 6 best practices for using LinkedIn as a salesperson.

LinkedIn Prospecting Best Practices

1. Show What You Got

Define the purpose of your business in your profile. What's your unique selling point?

List current and former customers you've helped to get them thinking about how they might be able to help their respective businesses in return by looking at what sets YOU apart from other companies out there--and don't get carried away.

2. Join Relevant Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to target people with specific interests and skills. After the group administrator accepts your request to join, you may post comments and begin a new conversation.

LinkedIn Prospecting

For example, if you're selling email marketing software, your prospecting targets are likely email marketers  who need help with outreach campaigns. In this instance, you'd want to join groups focused on email marketing.

Now join the conversation and offer your expertise to potential customers! You can build a following by commenting on posts, answering questions in the comments section of user-generated content, or posting original content and articles.

However, be mindful that before selling them something, you want them to know who you are as an expert – so make sure there’s value first: what makes YOU different?

3. Use Video for Cold Outreach

Sending text messages may be a more convenient way to reach prospects, but it doesn't have much impact nowadays.

That's where video messaging comes into play! Instead of sending long, boring texts that are just one-line statements with no personalization or warmth - record yourself talking about the prospect and your product in an engaging manner for cold outreach and follow-ups.

You can use prospect information and point out the value proposition of your brand face-to-face on LinkedIn's terms.

Video Prospecting

This will make the prospects feel like someone is listening for once instead of reading off canned responses from some marketing database somewhere.

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4. Make the Most Out of Sales Navigator

The Sales Navigator is a resource that can help sales teams make better use of its data and find B2B buyers.  

Once you create a LinkedIn sales navigator account, your dashboard provides an easy way to view and analyze information about potential clients, products they're interested in, their budgets or any other metrics you choose (including social media).

You'll be able to see what's working for current customers and get forecasts based on demographic trends, so it will always allow you to be one step ahead against cold prospecting.

You can use the “show similar” button to find your other potential clients. Check out who has viewed your profile, and if they are interested in something you offer, send them a friendly outreach message!

Filter through posted content by people within their target audience for more potential leads or customers.

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5. Scroll Through “People Also Viewed.”

“People Also Viewed” is a column in the right sidebar of your public profile. It tells you who else has looked at this page—and it might just be someone with similar interests as yours!

It's a great way to learn more about your prospect and build up a relationship with them. You'll be able to speak their language when it comes time for negotiating, which may cause you to land the deal!

For example, take a look at the "People Also Viewed" column of Board Member and GTM Advisor Aron Ross's LinkedIn profile:

LinkedIn Prospecting

For account-based marketing reps, this information will be beneficial.

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6. Use Search Alerts

LinkedIn has a great way to keep up with your searches.  You can set up alerts, so they send out new results every week.

After you've established the criteria for your search, conduct it (the more precise, the better) and choose “Create search alert” from the box to the right of the search results.

Every week, LinkedIn will send you a digest of any new results for that search.

Salespeople know how difficult it can be to find qualified LinkedIn users or prospects being worked by another salesperson.

Closing Thoughts

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for prospecting, but there are many things you need to do to get the most out of your effort.

Make sure you're following these 6 best practices when you are prospecting on LinkedIn, especially the one about video outreach!

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