What is the most interesting time for sales and marketing departments?

It's definitely an event time once the networking opportunity arrives with some fun and excitement, not to mention souvenirs!

But what is the role of videos for event marketing and what are event marketing videos?

Before getting into those details, let's learn some basics.

What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is the process of providing experience to prospects and potential leads regarding the products and services of a brand/company. It involves interacting directly with prospects via creating memorable experiences.

Event Marketing

In simple terms, event marketing occurs when brands advocate for their brands or promote their brands through an event.

However, it is different from event management, which is the process of organizing and conducting events.

  • Creating hype before the show that will lead potential buyers into activity.
  • Drawing more clientele of the event by creating more booth traffic.
  • A live demonstration of products that can entice buyers to visit booths without walking around.
  • Executing pre-show promotions can make it more likely that potential buyers will attend after seeing advertisements for the show.

What is the Process of Event Marketing?

The event marketing process is directly associated with the goal, and the process for event marketing is two-fold.

It begins with the concept of manifesting ideas for events, which are translated into plans providing an overview of what tasks need to be completed to produce the said event.

Process of Event Marketing

For this step, anything from submitting online forms requesting space at a specific facility to selecting vendors that best suit the theme is included.

The second step includes coordinating these decisions by mapping out an action plan that determines upfront and overtime costs, finances needed for completion, staffing requirements, and more.

Factors such as market demand must also be taken into account during this stage to avoid losing any potential profits along the way.

Events can help increase the sales pipeline,  improve morale, promote a product, and more.

Here are a few steps that are involved in the event marketing process

  • Define the goal
  • Identify target audience
  • Create invitations
  • Plan a timeline for pre-event, the day of launch, post-event
  • Plan content
  • Run email campaigns
  • Promote on social media
  • Measure the efforts

Event Marketing Strategies and Ideas That Will Get You More Results

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Use the Power of Video

Video is a powerful tool and can work as an interactive medium between your brand and your prospects. Here are some ideas where you can use videos for event marketing strategy.

Video Email for Webinar Attendees
  • Create personalized video invitations and share them with your event attendees
  • Make a promotional video
  • Add key highlights of your event in the video and send them in email
  • Video emails have higher open rates when compared to text-based emails. So, send a video email to all your attendees as an event reminder.

2. Build a High-Converting Landing Page

Drive traffic and drive attendance to your event via a well-designed landing page. A good landing page always has a well-made video.

Create Video Landing Pages
  • Add some customer testimonials on your landing page to speak about the quality of service.
  • Sustain marketing efforts with your blog or microsite to keep traffic going.
  • Include a video on the homepage of your website and talk about the highlights of your event.
  • Mention keynote speakers and special guests on the landing page.
  • Add easy to register CTAs that improves overall site experience.
  • Make sure your landing page provides the floor plan and event venue details.

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3. Continuous Marketing on Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms
  • Use the many marketing tools available to promote your event on social media such as Facebook and Twitter with a video.
  • Take advantage of FOMO and make a video about what your event offers and let your audience know what they are missing if they haven't registered yet.
  • Encourage user-generated content on social media by asking them to repost your posts and stories. You can also permit them to reshare your video via emails and on social media.
  • Engage attendees with kickass personalized video emails.

4. Design an Interesting Giveaway

Plan a Giveaway
  • Plan a giveaway to your followers on social media and people who have registered for the event & attendees that will help them get drawn into the conversation around your company.
  • A giveaway like a free trial to any of your services or a product sample will keep them engaged and connected to your brand.
  • Also, when you request them to write a review about their experience with a giveaway, it generates user content while also encouraging more traffic to your event, channel, and website.

Ways To Use Videos For Event Marketing

Videos can be used in every phase of event marketing. But the best way to put the video to use will be in promotional activities.

Content creation is crucial for any event marketing video. So, plan your content ahead of time. You can make videos with relevant content and use them:

1. Before Event

A personalized invitation can be recorded for your attendees, explaining the event and its key activities and describing their key speakers and their achievements.

This way, your attendees feel that special attention is provided to them.

That is the power of video, and it makes people feel special.

Send teaser videos, creating curiosity among attendees. Don't forget to promote these teaser videos on social media platforms.

Have a strong marketing plan. Plan to make an email marketing campaign instead of your marketing plan with video invitations.

Video email invitations are attractive and make prospects feel special. It is a great way to garner attention and drive registrations to your event.

Send out pre-event sales outreach videos to your attendees to know a bit about your products and services. It is a great way to stay connected with attendees/prospects.

You can send a video thanking the registrants and offer them some free trial on your services. This will give you something to talk about when you see them at the event.

2. During Event

On the day of the event, you can live stream the keynote speakers session or a panel discussion on social media or share the recorded video via email with people who might have missed the event.

You can also interview the attendees and capture some moments to live stream the energy of the event. Also, capture customer testimonials about the event experience.

Provide live event updates to your audience via small video bits. You can also collect all the video bits and make a video and share it via email with all the event attendees to let them have something to remember.

Record customer experiences and testimonials during the vent to share them on your web pages, blogs or social media or to be used as video emails.

You can post interesting questions and gather your audience's options via social media polls, using video as a medium.

3. After Event

Post events are a very crucial phase to convert leads that you have generated during the event. The sales team looks forward to getting all the lead information to pitch their products and services and close the deal.

  • Segregate the leads generated during the event into a sales bucket and build a solid pipeline.
  • Send a thank you video for participating in your event.
  • Send a personalized sales pitch or demo video to a list of clients according to the relationship you have built with them in the event.
  • Follow-up videos work best if sent within a couple of days after the event since the memory is fresh and your prospects can relate to you.
  • Create an event highlight video for people who have subscribed to your newsletter.
  • Send a sales pitch video to attendees who have shown interest in your product/service.

4. Create Content Once and Reuse it Often

Videos are powerful. There is no doubt about it. Videos are used everywhere these days, and events are not an exception. You can create a lot of content during events and use it throughout the month.

If you have footage of previous events, you can club both the old and new footage and make a new video and share the video via email as a brand video.

Creating your own video content is not only a low-cost option, but also creates a feeling of genuineness and originality in your prospects minds.

A professionally made video is great but a video made from scratch is more humanized and convincing.

Create a buzz with beautifully made personalized videos. Here are some ideas to create videos for your next event.

  • Teaser videos
  • Invitation videos
  • Interview videos
  • Live social engagement
  • Thank you videos
  • Event live streams

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