Video email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience, engage with them and increase brand awareness.

However, before you jump in headfirst, it’s important to understand what works best for your business.

Sending text emails to your prospects is boring and this is why you need to add video emails into your marketing campaigns right away.

So how can you make sure your video stands out? Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when creating a successful video email marketing campaign for your business!

How Can Video Email Marketing Help Your Business?

Video email marketing has undoubtedly become an interesting next frontier in the world of cold outreach, and it’s not surprising to hear that more and more businesses are adopting this persuasive means of outreach.

With digital technology advancing rapidly, marketers need innovative new ways to reach out to consumers.

Video email marketing is one way that companies are doing just that through online video platforms and sending via LinkedIn or Gmail (other email clients), or by uploading video directly onto websites for visitors to watch instantly.

Video Email

This technique is also very cost-effective because it requires comparatively little time and money - especially when compared with traditional forms of marketing.

1. It's an effective way to drive more product and service traffic as it is more interactive than text messages.

2. Adds a human touch to your emails

3. Face-to-face video builds trust and improves your relationship with the prospects.

4. It is a new way to interact with your audiences and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience in the post-pandemic world.

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5 Video Marketing Dos and Don’ts

The do’s and don'ts of video email marketing should be considered to ensure that the videos will work for your campaigns. Here are some dos and don'ts that should be considered before recording your first piece.


1. Define Your Objectives

For individuals unfamiliar with the technical know-how of video production, the procedure may be complicated.

Define Your Objectives

However, the first thing a company must address is what are its video marketing goals. Your messaging will be off course if you don't have clear objectives in mind.

It may be anything like:

  • Create intrigue regarding your brand
  • Create a likable and memorable branding campaign
  • Generate more traffic and conversions (conversion is the action of visiting the site, becoming email subscribers by signing up for a mailing list, becoming a fan)
  • Increase social media popularity to drive traffic and conversions
  • Get appointments with an effective call to action buttons.
How To Get Video Testimonials From Customers
Video testimonials are a great way to boost your conversion rates.

2. Share Authentic Content

Authenticity is a key concept in video marketing. Why? Today's viewers are inundated with material, and they can spot phony videos (or pictures or text) a mile away. To maintain your audience's goodwill, add some truth to your message.

Share Video Content

Don't forget that some of your videos might not be geared towards a specific audience.

Casual on-the-fly content is often more relatable and engaging than high production value or heavily scripted ones, so use this when planning out what will make sense for audiences in different situations!

3. Tell a Story

The best way to get prospects engaged with your business is through video. Videos are more than just an excellent marketing tool; they're the perfect medium for storytelling and can help people connect on a human level.

Tell a Story

Each brand has a story. Sometimes, it's the name of your company, and where did you get inspiration for that?

Other times people need to know how an individual product came into being or all about what goes on behind-the-scenes at their favorite store--whether they're located in town square number one or not!

4. Nail the Lighting and Audio

The lighting and audio are so important to nailing with your video. The camera needs good light and can have a simple setup, which will save you time in post-production later down this road when it comes time to edit.

Lighting and Audio

You want your viewers to be engaged and entertained, so it's important that both lighting and audio quality are top-notch. If either of these elements is lacking in any way, you'll lose potential subscribers who might scroll right past or ignore your video.

5. Measure Performance With Video Analytics

Video analytics is a set of computational intelligence tools for analyzing asynchronous videos to enable minimal human involvement.

Video analytics is the process of analyzing recorded videos you and your salespeople have sent out and how many clicks you received from the potential customers.

It can let you know what's going on with prospects without requiring someone to watch them all the time.

In Videoform, for example, you can find out who has opened your video email and who hasn't in a matter of seconds.


1. Avoid Rambling

A lot of people get too excited and nervous on camera that they talk way too much. It's not just about what you say, but how you say it.

The best presenter will tell a story using visual aids and a captivating vocal tone, more than dazzling an audience with big words and flowery speeches.

The important thing to remember about giving a speech is that it's all in the delivery. The talking style, whether formal, informal, excited, passionate, or even humorous, doesn't matter when keeping your audience engaged which will increase opens.

For instance - between each point you make, keep in mind how much time has elapsed and hold back on the filler words like "Ummm," "so," etc., so when necessary, you can add an appropriate amount of airtime.

  • Do not think about what will happen next and what you're going to say. Instead, worry about what you're saying right now because that's all that matters at this moment.
  • Practice delivering your speech ahead of time with pauses at appropriate places for the video to catch up.
  • Use a simple, clear, and non-distracting background for your video.

2. Do Not Overly Self-Promote

Don't promote yourself too much, don't drone on about your accomplishments, and don't ask for anything in return. This way, you will help encourage a healthy level of curiosity from your prospects.

Do not just talk about your company; make sure that there is an interesting story. Show the values and beliefs of what you do in a way that will inspire customers to trust more with what they offer!

3. Don’t Forget Branding

One of the secrets to branded videos is your channel's logo. You can create custom branding for your marketing videos with Videoform.

Even if they see your brand for the first time by watching your video, you should remember to brand yourself in it. Your logo, typeface, design, concept, shape, form, and other visual components will enhance credibility.

4. Don’t Forget To Add Thumbnail

Adding a thumbnail image is typically the first thing that can be done before you upload or publish your video.

Your thumbnail is what generates interest in your video and serves as an indication for any potential viewers, so it has to be eye-catching.

The thumbnail's job is to pique the viewer's interest in a very short period. It allows the creator to express in a few sentences why their video should be opened.

As a result, you must invest significant effort into creating an eye-catching thumbnail.

Fortunately for you, Videoform will allow you to add thumbnails in the form of an image and GIF form.

This way, you can attract the audience to open your video email or marketing videos on websites and other platforms.

5. Don’t Forget To Add Visuals

Visuals are an essential element in any video, but choosing the right ones can be tough. If your visuals don't connect with someone or aren’t what they expect from you, your video content engagement will suffer.

You also need the right visuals and imagery that will appeal to your customers more than anything else for them to engage with what you're selling.

Go Beyond the Written Word

Sales teams and marketing teams using video are common now. It builds better relationships with customers. With videos, you can display your company culture and brand personality.

Therefore, urge your marketing team to use videos in marketing from now on. The above best practices will help increase clicks and supercharge your marketing efforts.